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Saturday, January 17, 2015

How to recycle your extra papers..

Do you have extra papers that you want to throw already? It may be papers from school, work etc. Make the use of it! Don't throw it away as you can recycle it to a mini notebook :)

Things you'll need:

- Extra papers you have
- Scissor
- Stapler/Glue (Depends on your preference)
- Construction paper/Cartolina
- Stickers/Any designing materials (Optional)
- Masking Tape (Optional)

Let's get started!

Grab your papers then fold it to 1/4. You can use your scissor to fold it hardly so that you have guide on where to cut the papers.

Cut your papers. Make sure you'll cut it finely so that the papers in your mini notebook will have straight ends. 

Get your construction paper and place your cut papers to it. Have at least around half an inch or lesser on each sides. 

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