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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hormones the Series Season 2 Finale Reactions

This season finale started with a not-so-good aura because of what had happened to Win but it ended soooo well! this episode was so nice because of the Happy ambience at the school when the seniors are having their farewell event. 

To Kanom Pang's behavior, I don't like it and to other viewers either. She was so mean. We do understand her due to the fact that his boyfriend left her in the stage during her surprise performance to him for Toei. It's not easy for Kanom Pang. She only loves Tar and wants to be loved by him in return. But that could not be a reason for her to do that to Toei because in the first place, Toei did her best not to interfere to their love life (Pang and Tar). It's just that, Tar didn't love her anymore because his love to Toei is what means the most to him. That's not new to any relationship, being separated because of "no-love anymore". Yes, it's not easy to move on but she should accept it and let things go. She's pretty, adorable and jolly. There are other guys that will look after her.

To Mhog and Khwan's relationship, I really admire Mhog to what he did. He understands the situation. He is not that type of guy that will push his self to a girl that don't love her back the way he loves her. At least Khwan tried to be nice to Mhog and tried their relationship to go well. It's just that, they are not meant for each other. I don't see both of them either as lovers. I can't find that spark between them both unlike if you will match Khwan and Win. They're the couple that I want to see. What Win did will not just define that they should not be together. Khwan will be the reason for Win's transformation to be the better him. We all see that Khwan love him also that is why Mhog set her free and that will be the way or first step for Khwan and Win to be together. Based on the episode, the only thing that I saw to what is Khwan did wrong is that she didn't noticed that Mhog is jealous. She didn't see how her behavior (when Win is involved) affects Mhog's feelings. She is kinda insensitive to Mhog's feelings. As he said his "I love you" to Khwan and did not received any response, he was really hurt. I think he already expected that there's a big possibility that he will not hear Khwan's "I Love you" too. But, after what he told Khwan, he still endure the pain (as we all know, to be rejected is really painful)

To Toei and Tar, at last! they become couple. At first, (in season 1), I don't ship these two because I see that it's only a one-sided love where Toei don't like Tar the way Tar like her. But in this season, after seeing how Toei developed her feelings towards Tar, I started looking forward to them. Since from the beginning where she tried to hide her feelings towards Tar, I admire her trying not to ruin Kanom Pang and Tar's relationship. She knows where to place her self in such situation. I admire how strong woman she is. She tried to be friends after what had happened on that day where Sea Scape performed on the stage and she is still nice to Kanom Pang after what Pang did to her. Avoiding Tar is one of the proofs that she really tried her best not to widen impact of the hot situation between her, Tar and Pang. How she approach Thee despite of the fact that her ex-boyfriend Phu slept with him while she and Phu are still in a relationship is another reason why I like her character. She is a simple girl with a strong personality. She moved on with life and accept the things that she know she couldn't change. She was still able to give her smile to Phu that once broke her heart. But with those attitudes of her, there's only one thing that I don't like in her and that is, I don't see her fighting for herself. I am looking forward to see her character develop to the next season(s). She is such an amazing role model to the viewers. 

To Sprite and Phai (In relation to what had happened to the 12th episode), I really don't have much things that will say to their relationship since aside from I don't ship their loveteam, I don't find any so much interesting things to them in this episode. If it is other guy, it is not that easy to say to other people those kind of things. But because Phai loves Sprite and trust her so much that is why he have the courage to tell her honestly what he and Fern did to their baby. Abortion is a crime. You kill a creature that God made. A baby is an angel given by the Lord that is why what he and Fern did is seriously and extremely a mortal sin. They killed a baby (although it's still a fetus but it will still going to be a baby if they didn't kill him/her). I know that Phai wanted Fern to give birth to the baby and raise him/her but if that is what he really sets to his mind and if he really wanted to take the responsibility to what they did, he should stop Fern to do the abortion. Although Fern don't want the baby because of shame and to her goals in life. But what's done is done. A mistake cannot be corrected by another mistake. See? they just enlarged the problem which leads Fern to almost death because of so much bleeding. 

To the farewell event for the seniors, I really love it. How I wish that that kind of tradition of Thailand will be happened to our country also. That is something that will leave the students additional memories and souveneirs before they graduate. At least, the notes written by classmates/schoolamtes on the uniforms will somehow inspire them to their next journey in their life, to another chapter of their school life which is college. It may not be as important as to those who appreciate it but soon, if one will be old and see it again, re-read those notes on their high school uniforms, at least there is something that will remind you about your teenage life, esp. your high school life. Something that will give a smile on your face, reminiscing the high school memories and will suddenly smile because you remember what you've done when you're still young.

Season 2 of HTS have ended. As usual, we will wait again for couple of months for the next season. But, as a solid fan and viewer of this Thai series, months doesn't matter to me as long as I could still watch it and I still can be able to understand through the eng sub that was made by Khun Saifon.

To God be the Glory. Until next school year HTS! ^_^

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