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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Minor Fieldtrip

Seminar Overview:

Last 27th of August 2014, we had our minor field trip for our FTS course in our curriculum. We had our minor field trip at Synnex-Concentrix at Damosa, Lanang, Davao City. On that day, the call time was 8:30am so that by 9 am all of us will already be there. When we get inside the company, the tour didn't start immediately and I don't have an idea why. For me, the waiting time took so long even if we arrived there early, the time was kinda wasted. We waited for how many couple of minutes even up to more than an hour at their lobby. After the waiting time, two of their company's staffs approach us and say something regarding the tour. For the reason that we are more than 40 that time, I think 41 including our 1 professor, we are divided in groups with 10-11 members per group so that all us will be entertained or be toured better and because that number of people is too many to be toured inside their company. For the first batch, 2 groups did the tour first. It took I think it took them more than an hour for them before they finished their tour to the company. When it's our turn, the second batch to take the tour, we first visited their offices in the ground floor. The tour guide started the tour first by explaining about their 3Vs (Visibility, Velocity, Value), it's something like their company's vision. Afterwards, she toured us to each of their company's offices and introduced us to some of their company's staffs.  

What I learned?
On that day, honestly, I only learned few things since we only encounter their IT Department for a little time only. But during our encounter with one of their company’s programmers, I was inspired with most of the things that he have shared to us. He told us that we should know what field we really want since IT is broad and has so many branches like programming, networking, system analysis and design, database etc. It’s nice that we know at least the basics of each branches but we should only focus on a specific field. During the interaction, one of my classmates asked him if all the things that we learned in school will be applied in the work and he told us that not all. Whatever standing you have during your school days will not matter in the real world. Which means that skills and knowledge are the most important things after all.

What I liked?
What I like during the tour is the ambiance of their company, when you look inside their company, the facilities are really well-arranged, the interior of the building is well-designed. The colors are lively. The staffs are friendly and they seem nice.

What I did not liked?
What I did not like about the tour is the tour itself. At first, I did not find it interesting since the tour guide is just touring us in each of their company’s offices. She is just discussing about their company, their visions, their goals, the heads of their company, the process and etc. I felt disappointed because I am expecting more than just that. To the last part of our tour, she was able to tour us to their IT department and we are able to talk and ask some questions to one of their programmers. But, our batch were not able to tour their MIS or other IT-related office since it’s lunch time and the staffs are not there because they are taking their lunch.


What can I recommend for the improvement of the advance seminar program of USeP?
I will recommend for the improvement of the advance seminar program of USeP is that they should be more focus on the field of the course of the class. For example, during our field trip, we only have little time to the main purpose of our tour. The organizers of the future advance seminar program of USeP should be able to allocate enough time for the seminar so that the learners could be able to catch up all the things that they need to be learned during the seminar. 

My advice to those who will take their advance seminar program in the near future.
For those who will take their advance seminar in the near future, I would advice to them that they should be ready to some possible questions that they might throw to whoever staffs that they might encounter during their tour. Don’t be shy because if they will just be shy throughout the tour, they might not get clarifications about some questions in their mind.

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