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Monday, August 25, 2014

What I have learned about our makeup class? (Aug. 9, 2014)

Last August 9, 2014, we had our make-up class for our technopreneurship subject. We had that makeup class since previously that day, there are some scheduled techno days that we do not have class due to some reasons. That day was scheduled for the continuation of the class’ ideas proposal, but before that, our professor first tackled the last topic for our subject for this semester. So, what is the topic that was discussed in that makeup class of ours? Well, as far as I remember, our professor discussed about the internal analysis. When we hear these two words, ‘internal analysis’, what comes up to our mind? Maybe, most of us will think that it is something within ourselves or of something. From the word internal, it means the inner part or features.  Maybe some of us will think internal analysis as the interpretation within. That maybe the definition or the interpretation of some of us for the words internal analysis, but in the other world or field it has this other definition. According to businessdictionary’s website, internal analysis means ‘a review of an organization’s strengths and weaknesses that focuses on those factors within its domain. A detailed internal analysis will typically give a business a good sense of its basic competencies and the desirable improvements that it can make to help meet the requirements of potential customers within its intended market.’ Internal analysis is part of the SEED Model, in the Self-mastery phase to be specific. Self-mastery passion comes from knowing yourself. This component brings passion. When you know yourself, you know what you want and do not want. Why is it that it is important for us to know what are those things that we really like or do not like? Why we need to know ourselves? Why passion is important for us? Well, the answers for these questions have already been summed up a while ago. In order to explain more about the importance of self-mastery, let me elaborate or break down to pieces the answers for the questions above. In this world, each of us have our own wants or let me say likes and dislikes. We cannot deny the fact that there are also things which we do not like. For me, I do not believe that there is someone that does not have a dislike. In order for us to know our selves, we should first take the step in knowing our true self by digging up the things within us. We should be able to know or identify what are those things that we like or the things that we want. If there are things that we want, there are also things that we do not want and we should know also what are those things that we do not want. By identifying by those things, we could easily separate our likes and dislikes. We could easily identify in the future what type of things that we want to have, or what we want to be, what we do not like to do, with that, we could be able to set priorities to the things we like. As what I’ve repeatedly said, we should know our likes or wants because by knowing so, we are able to know the concept of our passion. By identifying or separating our likes to our dislikes, we could set what is or are our passions really are. Passion for me is important in every people’s lives. Our likes will lead us to our passion. Passion is simply the things that we like. Passion for me is very important since with passion, every person cannot only make things done but as well as making himself happy or contented. Why I can say so? Because passion is something that we like to do, right? So meaning, if we make things with passion, we are doing what we like or want and what we like makes us happy. Without passion, most probably, the things that we will do or what we have done may not be a hundred percent successful. Let me give an example, you are task to do something but doing that something is not what you want or not what you like. I do not mean that you hate doing that but maybe because you just do not like doing it, you did it without passion. Without passion mostly means without willingness. My point is, without passion, doing something is like a world without colors. To answer the other question like why we need to know ourselves, let me connect the sub-topics. The point of answer for this question has already been discussed above. If you cannot determine my answer for this question, above, let me rephrase it and add more about it. As what I have mentioned above about knowing our likes and dislikes, we are taking step in knowing ourselves. Knowing ourselves is important because for me, it is one of the important tasks a person should be able to accomplish in his or her life in living this world. We all should know what are we, who are we (not just literally, something that is in deeper meaning), why we are here or what are our purpose in life and etc. We should be able to understand ourselves so that we could also be able to understand the people around us. To reach others, we should reach ourselves first (I can’t think of another words to express what is in my mind). We should know ourselves first to be able to know deeply the behavior and personality of other people most especially those people who are around us, those people that we are meeting mostly every day or the people that are important to us.

 In that day, our instructor also discussed about the “elevator pitch”. When our instructor mentioned about it, some of us may heard it for the first time but some of us who also have the same year level as me may already knew about it. We have already seen something like elevator pitch when one of classmates or friends pitch in front of the people during the ideaspace 2013 that was held last year at Social Hall in our university. If I am not mistaken, those chosen entries or ideas that were submitted in the ideaspace were asked to be pitched in front by those people that submitted the idea(s). When you enter an elevator, it could only take a minute or maybe minutes depending on the distance of your origin and your destination. The pitch was likely called an elevator pitch because if you would like to propose your idea, you should be able to say those important points of your idea within a very limited time. Like in an elevator, for example (same as what our instructor’s example), if you have an idea then you will have an opportunity to propose it to Bill Gates because you both will ride the same elevator at the same time and you only have a couple of seconds or a minute to be able to convince Bill Gates about the idea of your proposal. You should be able to be direct to the point and should be able to discuss the most important highlight of your idea. And all these things should be done before the door of the elevator will open. In my own interpretation based on the discussion, that is why it is called elevator pitch. You should be able to propose well your idea in a very limited time. In additional, our instructor also told us something about the elevator pitch, like a tip. He said that if we are able to make the deal inside the elevator, one should not yell or throw a big emotion until the doors of the elevator is close. 

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