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Monday, July 28, 2014

Teechno 4th Meeting

July 8, 2014 – on this second Tuesday of the month, we had our fourth meeting in our Technopreneurship 1 subject. This is the first time in our subject that we will have some foods to take because of the tardiness of some of our classmates last meeting. That day, I am late also, how sad. I wake up early, three hours before the class starts but unfortunately, I am still late. After the food eating, the session has started. Our facilitator showed to us three images where each of this was implying different kinds of situation. The first image was a girl who is cooking a food, next was a “Bahay Kubo” and the last was a technician or it might be interpreted as a person who is repairing the computer. As I recall, in doing these things in the three images, we cannot do it or one cannot done it if he or she do not have specific things needed in accomplishing those things. Just like in business or in technopreneurship wherein one cannot implement a certain idea or innovation without resources that needed before it can be implemented. This is where topic of HELF comes in. Our facilitator also discussed about H.E.L.F. Successful technopreneurship is equals to HELF. This means that with the help of  HELF, a technopreneuship will be successful. HELF means Human Resource, Environment, Laws and Policies and Financial Resources. All these four components of HELF point to Techno Ventures. Let me say something about these four components. The first component is the Human Resource component. In this type of component, it involves research, developer, scanner and marketing people and the financers. In research, it includes thinker, the idea generator, the innovator whereas in the developer, it involves the implementor, technical people. Human resource is important in a business since without people, no one will work for the business. Human resource is important since they will be the ones that will make the business work, make it functional, make the business grow, innovate and more. The next component of HELF is the Environment Component. This type of component involves science parts, incubation centers, academic institutions, research and development centers, internet access, communication and other services, geographic accessibility. The third type of component of help which is the Laws and Policies. In this component, it involves intellectual property rights, technology licensing office and legal services. And the last component of it is the financial resources. In this last component of HELF involves the investors, business sectors, funding agencies, financial services. How we can use Technopreneurship in business? Well, let us start the ball rolling. To successfully apply technopreneurship, there are four components or steps in doing so. These are innovation, trigerring event, implementation and growth. In innovation, a person gets an idea, active search, by chance, present employment or experience. In Technopreneurship, innovation is the first step of all. One should have a unique idea or an innovation of such things because without it how you could proceed to the next phase? Without it, there is no Technopreneuship exist. Being a technopreneur is not an easy task or job to do. Being one should carry the characteristics that one should imbibe. A technopreneur should be hard working; he/she should have a self-confident. A technopreneur has the characteristics like the following: Builds for the future, profit-oriented, goal-oriented, persistent, responds to feedback, demonstrates initiative, willing to listen, sets own standards, copes with uncertainty, committed, builds on strengths, reliable and has integrity and a risk-taker. Responds to feedback, for me this kind of characteristic is important since feedback is also important when it comes to business. For example, without feedback, how can a business know the review of the customers or what they say about a certain product of the company? A tecnopreneur should be willing to listen. If he/she is a good in talking, he/she should also be good in listening because without listening and just keeps talking and talking, a certain conversation will not be successful or it will not create a good communication with you and who are you talking with. A technopreneur has this characteristic of being a risk-taker. Why being one should be? This is because we should accept that we sometimes should take a risk because we will not know the outcome of a particular thing if we will not take the risk. If one fails, accept it, it is part of life. Life must go on and not stop just because you failed. To get failed should be a challenge and not be a discouragement in life.

On that day, we also have this activity where our professor had given us. This activity that I am referring to is the Adversity Quotient Test or AQ Test. Dr. Paul Stoltz defines Adversity Quotient as “The capacity of the person to deal with the adversities of his life. Our professor gave us set of questions and then let us answer with whichever we think is the best answer for us. Before the activity started, he told us that in taking up this activity, there are no correct or wrong answers because as what I have said, we will answer all those questions based on what is best fit to us. As I recall, most of the questions are given situations wherein there are only two options that we should choose from. Sometimes, I find some of the questions quite hard because I find the two options given possible or I should say that in a certain question, I may apply the two options depends on the situation if that happens.

On all of the topics or things that were discussed that day, what I like most are the new learning that I have acquired. On that day, I have learned that after I took up the AQ test, I belong to the “somewhat entrepreneurial” level. Before taking up the said test, I thought I will excel or somehow will get higher than my classmates’ result because I am involved in a business already. But guess what? I was wrong. Before taking up the test, I thought that the questions will be somehow much related in dealing with business but it is not the thing that I am expecting to. When it comes to what I liked least? If I really should have to choose one, I will choose that fact that was discussed that day, the fact that Philippines got the lower amount in exporting than some of the countries in Asia although we have the higher population than them.

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