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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Reflection 3

Last 24th of June 2014, we have had our third meeting for our Technopreneurship 1 subject. As usual, I am late (just a five minutes late) not because I woke up late but due to my personal reasons, and as a consequence, I need to sing a song again in front of the class. It was like I am kinda immune to it since there were just my classmates and half of them are in lower years so I sang the same song I sang in the previous meeting but this time it took me longer than the time I sang last time. But anyways, in that third meeting in our subject, we have had our second activity. Our professor told us to get a one whole of white bond paper but unfortunately, most of us or 98 percent of the class do not have at least one piece of it so the concept of entrepreneurship strikes. When one of our classmates get like a pad of bond paper, he sell it to us for two pesos each which is quite expensive since if you buy one peso worth of bond paper, you will get two pieces outside the school. But since, our enrolled subject involves entrepreneurship, we do not have any other choice because if we will not buy, we will not be able to participate in the activity. Before the activity started, our professor divides the class into three groups according to where we are seating. Since that time I do not belong to any columns, I have decided to be in the middle, in the second group. The activity for that meeting is about our own reflection on the three images that our professor showed to us in the slides. Our professor showed to us three different images in the presentation slides in front wherein we are told to discuss the image or situation in that image  and make a reflection about it. The first image which is assigned to the first group was about when a father is not employed and the family has no other resources. The second image which is assigned to the second group where I belong was about when newly graduate that is seeking job but does not pass the required job requirement such as pleasing personality. The last but not the least image where the third group was assigned was about when a person currently employed but not satisfied with its present salary and benefits. For me, I would prefer to be part of the first group since I can relate to the situation of it, but since I can only either choose between the second and the last group, I considered myself to be part in group three. The three situations shown to us were three of the situations or these three were part of the current issues that our country have. By thinking and writing our own reflections about our assigned situation, we should not only focus on the idea of the image but we should also think like a technopreneur which is quite challenging since making our tasks should involve the concept or an idea of technopreneurship. Among the divided three groups, I had observed that the other groups are discussing within their group mates. Each of the members of the last group was told to share their own comments about their assigned topic. They stood one by one and started sharing their own reflection or comments while on the other group, only selected members shared their own reflections within their group. Unlike with the other groups, the second group where I belong did not have either the kinds of sharing so our leader just collected our reflections and read it.
The first image which was when a father is not employed is a situation where some of us can relate into. I can say that I can quite relate myself to it since my father did not have a permanent job. He is not employed where he will have his salary in a regular basis. He has a work sometimes but sometimes, he doesn’t have. A father is said to be the “haligi ng tahanan”. A father was given the responsibility to provide the needs of his family. This obligation is the most important work a father will ever perform. In order to provide the needs of the family, a father should have a work wherein the work should be an honest job. Honest job means it is legal and not illegal. One should earn money in legal ways because it should only be the way and not the illegal ways. Parents should budget the family resources which the father will going to cooperate with his wife. But in the given scenario where it is mentioned that the family has no other resources, for me it means that neither both the parents are employed and they do not have some sources of income. For me, if I will put in that kind of situation, the thing that we should do is to take actions. Members of the family should think of an idea or solutions where they can survive in their daily lives and to sustain their necessities. If I would think like a technopreneur, I would suggest that they will think of any business that they will put up. Putting up a business does not mean that a big amount of money is needed. When I started my online business way back year 2012, I just started with a small amount, like the amount of three hundred pesos and when those items that I bought in thrift shops were sold, that money is what I had used for the capital of buying the next items that I will going to sell. In the first situation, I would suggest that the family will start putting up their business. If they do not have any enough money for a capital, then they better start having business online. I would suggest that they will put an online business and start reselling. The good part in an online business is that, if your business is a reselling type of business where you have pictures of items then posting it online for selling. You just need to look for a reliable supplier online where images of their products are available and then start posting it in your own business site, facebook page or whatever kind of social networking sites or free hosting website. Once there is a customer that wants to buy one of the products that you have posted, then that is the time that you will order to your supplier. You will get payment from your customer, order the item to your supplier then send the payment for it to your supplier also then your supplier will do the drop shipping. So, that’s it! The family will have or you will have your own business where you can start earning money for your needs. It might not that easy at first but all things will go into process. Maybe it will take time, a step by step process but at least you are earning. In this kind of business, you do not need a large amount of money to start creating your business. All it needs are a computer or a phone where you can do browsing or posting of photos or in short you can go online, a reliable supplier and an internet connection. Once you earn enough money or some money which can help you to take your business to the next level, then you can innovate more for your business to grow. Start thinking of ideas on how to improve the system of your business, how to improve the sales of your business. By that time where you already have enough money for your business to have ready to ship items, then your business are starting to grow. And it is also possible that your business will have its own products. But, least like part of having an online business is at first, it is hard to have customers since some of the online businesses nowadays were not reliable or most customers are in doubt in placing order since scammers are everywhere. As the businesses start emerging online, the numbers of scammer are also increasing as well. That is why it is not that easy to gain customers for the first time. But when you will have your customers, the business should value it. Keeping it by the way of giving them the right and good service the business can offer and keeping the business honest to its customers.   
The second image that was shown in the activity was the newly graduate who seeks of r a job but does not pass the required job requirement such as pleasing personality. In the image provided, it is two girls having with not so pretty look. As what I have remembered, the first one is a girl with so many pimples and the other one is a fat girl. I remember the name of that second girl, she is Pearl. Anyways, in this situation, we cannot deny the fact that some of the jobs nowadays really require that kind of requirement which is the pleasing personality. At first, some will think that it only involves an outside appearance of a person but according to its really main definition is not only based on the outside appearance. A “Pleasing Personality” means that someone who can be pleasant even when the other people are not. He or she is someone who can soothe a difficult situation and makes others feels comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. And a person who welcomes people appropriately and can carry on a conversation and make introductions properly. Pleasing personality does not only mean one should have a good outside appearance but with such a nice personality inside, someone who is friendly and outgoing and someone who could talk nicely to others. As when I do research about pleasing personality, I found out that professionals should really have this pleasing personality. If a job pertains to a public service, then a pleasing personality should be present. Since you will go to face a customer or a client, one should be able to empathize with the costumer. Someone who is approachable and can smile to their customers, someone who is friendly, encouraging and helpful among other things. Having a pleasing personality depends on what kind of job you are applying to. If that person have to act as a representative for the company you work for or persuade customers, then pleasing personality is a thing that should matter. If not, actual skill is the thing that is more important. But what if you really do not have the kind of having such personality? Well, to think like a technopreneur, there are ways that someone who really does not have this kind of requirement to earn money. First, since there are jobs that do not really require having pleasing personality as a requirement, then why not applying to it?  Second, when you already have a job, start earning. Once you already have enough money for a starting up a business, you can now put up your own business. It does not mean that it should be a big business since having a business comes with a step by step process. Small business will do. But if that person do not really have an idea in putting up a business, then he or she should undergo seminars by start attending such seminars about putting up a business, or gathering data or browsing online about the tips for having a business. Since internet is free, why not make the use of it? Start searching and reading articles about start up business. Start reading threads or other businessmen’s opinions, suggestions and their experiences in their own business. Also, start being updated on the latest trends nowadays. This makes sense since by doing this kind of habit will really help an individual to enhance his or her capabilities in running a business. This will also expand his or her knowledge about the things that he or she needs to know in the field of business. And thru this way, that individual could also make a difference or make differences in his or her business by developing it. He or she could think of an idea or could innovate things where not just his or her business could benefit but also those people who are involved in it and also those people who still want to be part of it.
The last image shown to us which is tasked to the third group to make a reflection about it is about a person currently employed but not satisfied with its present salary and benefits. We cannot deny the fact that this kind of issue is not new to most of us nowadays since sometimes we could see, hear or read news articles about the protest of currently employed citizens of our country. Some of our people are making protest in order to channel their complaint about their present amount of salary they are receiving. Most of them complain that their salary should increase due to the price of the items you can buy nowadays. The price of our basic needs such as food are increasing that is why they complain that their wages should also increase because their current wage or salary is not enough for them to sustain the needs of their family. Given with that kind of situation, I would suggest the same idea with what I have suggested and mentioned above. I am referring to the idea of putting up a business. I know, they may find it hard keeping money for other matters since as what had mentioned, the salary they are getting is not enough. But, how about keeping at least small amount of money every time they will get their salary? It is not a big deal if it is just small money or a big amount of money as long as they set aside for the capital of the business. Or if they want, they could apply for a loan in order for them to have a small capital. As what I have mentioned earlier, it is not that big issue if you only have a small amount of capital for a start-up business. As long as you are dedicated to it and is motivated to pursue the business, then you should start setting it up. To improve your skills and/or capabilities in handling a certain business, one should widen their knowledge by reading articles or books about putting up a business, how to handle a business, tips on how to improve sales and etc. You could also attend seminars or any program wherein you can expand your knowledge about the business field.
Among the three situations given and with my own suggestions as well, it only shows that we should have the alternative mindset. In order to relate to our subject which is Technopreneurship, let me discuss about this kind of mindset. "Go to school, get good grades, create and own a company", "Use your knowledge, skills, core values, creativity and passion to create and innovate through technology", "Contribute and be involved in the technological development of Davao" These statements were called as the alternative mindsets. "Go to school, get good grades, create and own a company", this statement is kinda opposite of the default mindset. In default mindset, it is like suggesting that you should go to school, maintain good grades and be an employee. While in the alternative mindset, it is suggesting that you should go to school, get good grades and be the employer. This kind of mindset is what I preferred the most. I preferred to become the employer than the employee because I find it more useful to help you to enhance or develop your skills in leadership because you are the one giving the command. You will get more respect and of course, you will have greater salary or income than being the employee. If you will become the employer, you will be the one that will lead the people and not the one who is only taking orders. I do not say that being an employee is not good or we all should be an employer because if that happens, who are going to be our employees? I am just suggesting putting up a business, creating a business and owning a company. With this kind of mindset, you will be able to encourage to go to school, study and learn ideas on how to manage a business, become a good leader or employer, and how to become a successful entrepreneur or businessman. If you will become the employer, you have your own time. You are the boss. Alternative mindset can also be called formally as the technopreneurship mindset. What is technopreneurship by the way? Technopreneurship is a term which the words Technology and Entrepreneur were combined. The person who belongs or who manages to the field of technopreneurship is called a technopreneur. A technopreneur is an entrepreneur who thinks of an idea to innovate, the one who is creative, a technology savvy, and who dares to be different. An entrepreneur takes risks and challenges and makes great efforts to direct their life to the greater success. An entrepreneur should not fear to fail, because failing is part of life. No one reached the greater success without failing since from the start. We should take failure as an experience for learning, to see things differently and step forward to the next challenge. The development of this alternative mindset can start in schools. They can be the foundation of the things they could use to apply for the alternative mindset. Technopreneurship course could be able to prepare the students to be the better technopreneurs. With this kind of mindset, the alternative mindset, the IT graduates of our city decide to continue their technology-based business plans as start-ups in technology-business incubators. Alternative mindset has this what they called Macro Strategy which was called The Technopreneurship Ecosystem. This strategy will be the city's guide to produce best graduates that could help Davao City to be the best city in the nation. When an individual or a student to be specific will have his or her technology-based business plan and was offered to be incubated, they will be sent to a technology-based incubator and there, they will be able to develop their business plans and this also just the start of their project's success. Venture capitalists will invest in the high technology product(s) that is capable of working successfully of that individual. The start ups of that certain individual will turn into stable IT enterprises and will be located in IT parks and/or buildings eventually. Funding institutions will do as well what the venture capitalists did, which is supporting the high technology product(s) of the person being incubated. The IT enterprise strives to win in the local and global market and will spur the economic growth in the locality. The IT industry in the city will develop and will be a well-known city. If that happens, Davao City will be a fast-paced developing city nationwide and even worldwide and will attract more investors and locators. If this will also happen, our graduates especially the best ones will decide to work here instead of migrating to some other places. They will build and develop their careers here and will build also their families within the City. For those graduates who already left Davao City for working to other places like Cebu and Manila will return and decide to take root here. If the alternative mindset will become successful, the city will become the IT hub and capital of Mindanao, might also be in the nation and possibly even in the continent, Asia. And eventually, Davao will become the home of efficient and highly competent IT professionals. With this, the schools within Davao City will become known and respected worldwide for producing such best graduates in town or even worldwide. "Use your knowledge, skills, core values, creativity and passion to create and innovate through technology", this statement is also part of the alternative mindset that was introduced to take place the default mindset. In the field of technology or IT, it is more required to be more creative since technology nowadays is fast improving or developing. Since technology now is fast emerging, and nothing now is still unique, we should think of a more creative idea to innovate a better product. I mentioned that nothing now is still unique since that was a professor of ours before told us which I can agree with. Nothing is unique now since what products that you see that emerge nowadays were just the combination or the upgraded version of an existing idea. To create and innovate through technology, one should use his or her knowledge, creativity, passion, core values and skills. To create, one should make use of his or her own creativity, core values and passion. And to innovate it through technology, one should also make use of his or her knowledge and skills. For the high technology product(s) of an individual to be supported, it should be an interesting business plan or an eye-catching project which could attract venture capitalists or funding institutions that could make or turn that plan into reality. Using all of the things mentioned to innovate through technology is a big challenge to take since not all of us could actually make it successfully since we are not all gifted with those things. "Contribute and be involved in the technological development of Davao", this statement was also part of the alternative mindset that was introduced. In the discussion that we had, it was mentioned that best graduates were offered and took the opportunity to work to some other areas in the country or even outside the country because of the alluring salary they will get. The rest of my thoughts regarding to this will be mentioned in the later part of this reflections. Back to the one of the statements of the alternative mindset or technopreneur mindset, "Contribute and be involved in the technological development of Davao". Contribute means giving something such an idea which might help Davao lead to its success. Being involved in the way of engaging one's self to the process of technological development of Davao. Involving one's self means participating to the programs or whatever is part of the technological development of the city. Before making the other places to be developed and lead to its success, IT graduates should first help their own city to improve. They should pay back what it had given to them. Being practical is not bad but they should also think what it may be the result if all or most of them will work to some other places. How nice in the feeling if you are an IT graduate of this city and be one of the contributors of the development of the IT industry here. If that happens, you will be a renowned IT graduate; you will be known to be the part of the team that makes Davao City one of the best city in the nation and in the world. What I had mentioned earlier is what I liked the most in the discussion that we had last meeting. What I am referring to is the fact that Davao City became the producer of best IT graduates in town. It is such an honor knowing that fact since we belong in this city and we are also an IT student and it helps us or encourage us to strive harder for us to graduate in this course. We are encourage and might get inspired to maintain that as a fact. How nice it will be if we will also be the first ever batch of IT graduates that will help Davao City rise to the IT industry and will make Davao City be known for it, nationwide and even worldwide soon.  
During the discussion last meeting, it was also mentioned about the importance of technopreneurship. There are six reasons why technopreneurship is important. These are the following: employment creation, local resources, decentralization and diversification of business, promotion of technology, capital formation and the promotion of an entrepreneurial culture. In order to address the current issues presented, we could make the use of the SEED model. The SEED model stands for Self Mastery, Environment Mastery, Enterprise Mastery and the Development of Business Plan. As what I had researched, self-mastery passion comes from knowing yourself. If you know yourself, you know your passion then you know what you want and what you do not want. Being a self-mastered person doesn’t need to have a high IQ but does need to have a high EQ and AQ. A self-mastered person is whole-brained and has his or her own personal vision. That person also knows his or her own strengths and weaknesses. The second component of the SEED model is the Environment Mastery. It is about creating business ideas and seeking opportunities out from his or her environment. This could be done through serendipity walks, observing crisis and trends etc. You can consider yourself as an environment-mastered person when you understand the industry you are in, when you sees opportunities and not the problems. You are an environment-mastered person when you are top of the situation instead of being under the situation and an environment-mastered person is the strategist and the innovator of organization or the industry. Third component of the SEED model is the Enterprise Mastery. This kind of mastery is about on how to run a business. This pertains to the knowledge of the different enterprise disciplines. The different enterprise discipline that I am referring to are, such as creating the business, marketing management, operations management, financial management and risk management. How can you identify if a person is a enterprise-mastered person? An enterprise-mastered person can able to understand and integrate the functions of management. These are marketing, human resource, finance and operations. Being one should be able to understand and also integrate the process of management, this includes planning, organizing, directing and controlling. And an enterprise-mastered person can be able to inspire and lead rather than to manage. The last component of the SEED model is the Development of Business Plan. This last part of the SEED model covers about writing the business plan, presenting and defending it and adding refinement to the presented business plan. In the lesson slides of our professor, it also had shown to us the four different types of entrepreneurship. These are incremental, imitative, rent-seeking and innovative. Incremental type of entrepreneurship involves routine business, modest novelty, examples of these are new coffee shop and new BPO. Imitative type of entrepreneurship is the imitation of venture, the same business model and template. Examples of the imitative type of entrepreneurship is a new regional branch and franchised operations. Rent-seeking type of business is a type of entrepreneurship where a business utilizes standards, regulations and laws to share in value of enterprise, Coca Cola export for example. And the last type of entrepreneurship which is Innovative is a business that is based on innovation, new memory chip for example. So, what makes an entrepreneur a technopreneur? With this question, one could simply answer it by saying that involving technology or the use of it in a certain business. Yes, it is. But let me repost the more detailed answers to it. A technology idea owner who ventures to make his idea a commercial reality. An entrepreneur who gets a technology idea, finds an opportunity and make it a commercial reality. In short, it means that turning the technology idea into a reality which can be a product to be sold. An entrepreneur have these following characteristics: hard working, self-confident, builds for the future, profit-oriented, goal-oriented, persistent, responds to feedback, demonstrates initiative, willing to listen, sets own standards, copes with uncertainty, committed, builds on strengths, reliable and has integrity and a risk taker. To be a successful technopreneur, one should have this kind of characteristic in taking risk. To fail is not the end of one’s world; it should be an inspiration to strive harder and not think of it as a discouragement in facing the challenges of life and reaching one’s goals. To be successful in life, we should consider or see ‘taking a risk’ as a challenge.
For all of what I have mentioned above, what I liked most in the sharing last July 24 was the new ideas and knowledge that I have acquired that day. New information such as why Starbucks is known or very popular. It is because way back then, Starbucks is the first coffee shop that had offered a free Wi-Fi access to its customers. They had think of an idea which they can gain more customers and they think that offering a Wi-Fi access to their customers will be a way, and yes it is. Because of the free internet connection, the customers could have their breaks while drinking their coffees and while surfing the internet. I liked the part where new thoughts and learning were taught to us. I liked the part when we are tasked to have sharing within the class most specifically when each of the representative of the group shares something about their assigned topic which I find good since we could hear different views or perceptions about the activity given. What I like the least about the discussion is about the reality thought it brings. What I meant to say is that, all the situations shown to us during the discussion are some of the issues we could see nowadays. A father who is unemployed and the family has no other resources; this kind of situation is what we can see in some of the families today.

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