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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Techopreneurship (Day 1)

Blogging? Yes, I'm not ignorant to it. I used to blog before, but its for my personal life. I mean, no academics involved. I don't really blog often, I just blog when I feel to. I just blog when my emotions are overwhelmed. I don't blog easily because it's kinda hard for me to construct words that will really satisfy what is really running in my head. 

First Tuesday or second day of the school year 2014-2015. For some students, especially those who are new to college, or what we called it "freshmen", second day in college is still an exciting day for it was a new day or new subject, professors or classmates to meet. We all know that college is different from high school, where in high school you face same subjects everyday whereas in college, one subject might be scheduled MWF, TTH, etc. 

My second day for this school year was not the same compared to my first day since I came late. Yea! Unfortunately, I came late even though I already knew that I will be under Sir Randy S. Gamboa. But, being used to the nature of the past meetings under also Sir RSG, I thought that there will be no consequence. But, I'm wrong. Sir Randy was known to make his new students share their talents in front of the class after each of them introduced their selves. New students under the management of Sir Randy were known as "Virgins". Once you are one of the virgins, you are required or Sir Randy will tell you to go in front of your classmates and share any of your talents (If you have plenty of them), if not, just sing or dance although you are not a singer or you don't used to sing. It's some way of "getting to know you" inside the class. I find it also helpful for a couple of minutes for the class not to be boring or too serious. For most of the students of Institute of Computing especially the new ones, they're afraid of Sir Randy. Not the afraid like he will do something to harm you, but some kind of afraid like getting into the class and sir might be so strict. I'm one of them also.. before. That's when I'm still "virgin" to Sir Randy's class. But for me now, there is nothing to be afraid of, as long as you knew that you don't have something to worry or you haven't done anything wrong. 

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