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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The 100 - Season 1 finale

So, this is it? I'm starting to blog about The 100! Its season 1 finale made me do this. haha

Okay. So, as the past episode which is the Season 12 thrilled us something about The Ark going home, that The Ark will going back to the ground. After being thrilled with the 12th episode of season 1, I'm so excited but sad to watch the season finale. Excited, because of the idea that The Ark will go home, and sad because I knew that after I'll watch season 13, I need to wait until fall (October) for season 2.

What the season finale gave me is all about thrilling happenings. Most of the time of the episode is so amazing! It's all worth it! The time is worth it! Wooo! First, is when they've decided, Bellamy and Clarke to stay to the camp after Drew died by a weapon of a scout. The war has started. It's too obvious at first that the Grounders is just keep running and running and just want the rest of the 100 to waste bullets and want them to run out of ammo. Knowing that the Grounders caught Murphy and used his walkie talkie to know the communication between the 100. So that they could monitor their moves. The real thing that made me quite laugh is when Finn and Lincoln bring the Reapers near the camp to draw the attention of the Grounders and make 'em distracted, which buy Raven, Clarke and Jasper some time to work for the explosion for the grounders. When the Reapers arrived, it was like WAAAAR AGAIN! ROUND 2, GROUNDERS vs REAPERS. Haha But obviously, grounders will really won because of their numbers of people compared to the reapers which is like around 4 or 5 only. Second thing, that made this episode for me thrilled is when Anya jumped into the dropship's gate and go inside where the surviving the rest of 100 are. For me, the concept was already obvious also which keeping Anya alive where maybe she will be a tool or some kind of useful survivor for the Season 2, or maybe she will be changed and will turns out to be a good guy. On the other side, Bellamy and Finn? We already predicted that they're alive. Since they are one of the main casts and they can't be killed like that. It's too early or let's just say, it can't be! Clarke will never have a love team if that will happen. Hahaha. But, what makes us wonder is how they were saved? Or they've survived the grounders and the explosion? Maybe, the mountain men helped them? Or did Lincoln helped them? Which maybe not, or the drama of the Blake siblings will be useless xD And that will be one of the questions or mystery that will leave our mind after the finale.

Next thing, is the Mecha station. Just wondering at first when Chancellor Jaha is not with the same station where Abby Griffin and Councilor Kane are. So, if they've successfully done the go-sci separation of the 7 stations of the Ark, Chancellor Jaha will still be dead since he's not in the Mecha station. So, that explains why. That's why Jaha is not in the Mecha station because he will be the one that will manually launched the separation of The Ark after the remote detonations failed. It's obvious because Jaha is such a great leader since from the start. He is willing to sacrificed his self in order for his people to get launched to the ground. Salvation.. comes at a price - Kane. I just wished that the engineers, Abby's co-doctor, Kane, Abby and Jaha would make it to the ground together because they all have the abilities or the great knowledge when combined. But Abby's co-doctor is in the same station where Jaha first joined. So, I would think of it as he died on the go-sci separation.


Mountain men, red gas, zapit, season 2 predictions, Octavia and Lincoln, Bellamy's line to O. waiting..

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