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Sunday, June 15, 2014


Last June 10, 2014 was our first scheduled meeting for our Technopreneurship 1 subject. Unfortunately, I came late which is about 20minutes late in my time. When one of my classmate texted me that for those who came late have their punishment which is showing their talents. It’s not new to me, but I don’t expect that for our first meeting. I thought that only the “virgins” in the class will do that, and I’m not a new to Sir RSG’s class. I’m under his supervision before, twice. So, when I knew that punishment, I’m having second thoughts in entering the class or not because I’m really not prepared with what should I sing. But eventually, I ended up being absent. And I regret that after knowing that it the punishment will only last for a couple of seconds. And I missed the opportunity to hear some of my late classmates sing and the things that our professor shared to the class.

Anyways, after the class my classmates told me that there were lots of assignments which need to be done within 1 week. And some works to do for the upcoming weeks. But I don’t overthink it because I know God will guide me to finish all the tasks that needs to be done on or before the deadline. I’ve done many paperwork before so I think I can do the paperwork for this semester. In this subject, I know that I will learn many things which I could apply in the future with the help or guide of our professor, of course.

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