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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Y4IT, Soon to Experience..

y4itlogoY4IT? Sounds unfamiliar for most of us. It sounds familiar also to most of the freshmen students who are taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS). When we are told to do some reflections about the our expected learning that we could acquire in attending this big event, I do some research on internet by the help of Google about Y4IT. This is not so much familiar to me also but already heard about it last year when some of our classmates and department mates went to Manila for their Field Trip and Seminars and also attend this kind of event. By then, I just do not have any idea what is it all about and what are the benefits in attending that event. I just got an idea what this event is about when I enrolled in one of the subjects in our curriculum, Field Trip and Seminars. To have a wider knowledge about Y4IT, I do some little research about it on the internet with the help of Mr. Google. I landed on this site of the said event, and I went to their about section to know more about the org or the event. So, what is Y4IT? Before talking about the things that I am expecting to learn in the said event, let me say something more about it. Y4IT or Youth Congress on Information Technology which is formerly known as the Philippine Youth Congress on Information Technology, it is an annual information technology event here in the Philippines. Their target are college students, educators, professionals, IT experts and enthusiasts. This big event is for the youth nowadays to recognize them as key drivers in the dynamic IT industry.  Within this event, various relevant and exciting IT topics are presented and discussed.

What do I expect to learn from attending the biggest IT event (Y4IT) in the Philippines? I have these quite expectations upon attending this Y4IT event. Since this is an IT event, I expect to learn more about the field of IT. I am referring to learn more or widen my knowledge in the field I am into. I expect that I will be inspired by those world class speakers that the event will have, the facts that the speakers will share, the tips and experiences that they are going to share with us. We can really be inspired by those people who already experienced many thing in life, most especially when those things are related to your field. They are ahead of us when it comes to experiences and everything and they have much more knowledge to IT industry that is why it is expected that they will somewhat share it and inspire us. Y4IT is an IT event, so I am expecting also that obviously they will also present and discuss about the technologies nowadays. In this event, I am expecting that they will discuss about them supporting the ideas of the young Filipinos today in the world of IT. I am expecting to acquire ideas that we might use or that might be the source of an innovation that may lead to our future technology. Attendees including me might get inspired with all the stuffs in this event and might motivate to think more of innovations by the use of the technology. That this big IT event might be the way to create or have young technopreneurs in the country. I expect that this event will discuss their steps in supporting those young Filipinos who have these ideas or innovations that were selected among thousands of proposals submitted. This Y4IT might be a big help also to those who submitted proposals but did not make it to final round, to continue pursuing their passion on creating innovations. We might find something about discussions and presentations in this event that will trigger aspiring technopreneurs to pursue more about their passion. Especially to those who did not make it to finals, that they will be enlightened to the discussion on the seminar. That being a technopreneur should take risk, that they are risk takers and they do not stop pursuing their goals just because they fail once. They might realize the true attitude a technopreneur should have, having positive outlook in life. This means that failing is not a minus factor to them but an inspiration instead in achieving their goals. Taking failure as a challenge and not a discouragement. Knowing and accepting that failure is part of life, that we are not perfect and we should sometimes experience to fail for us to be motivated to do such things towards our success.

Yes, I have many expectations in Y4IT that will be held this coming September 2014. This is because, it is the big IT event in the country. And BSIT is the program that I am taking up right now, so I find this helpful to widen my knowledge about my chosen field. This event might help us IT and CS or IT-related course students to our IT careers. This event might be the way for other IT related courses students who are losing hope in achieving their goal, or who are losing their hope in pursuing their chosen career.

Aside from expecting the learning that I could acquire in this big IT event, I am also expecting that this event will going to be fun, that this we will enjoy attending this IT event. I am expecting that we could have some souvenir from this event as a proof that at least once in our life we experienced attending this kind of event. I am also expecting that through this event, we could meet new acquaintances who are also IT students, IT people who we could exchange knowledge and ideas about our field. I am really expecting that attending this big IT event here in the Philippines will be a worthy thing to be experienced, that our time and expenses for this will be worth it because of the experience and learning we could acquire.

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