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Thursday, June 19, 2014


June 17, 2014 Last Tuesday we had our second meeting in our Technopreneurship 1 subject. As usual, for those late comers including me have this what we so called "punishment" wherein we should 'showcase' our talents. After us, the last batch of late comers presented our talents, our professor told us to get a one whole piece of yellow paper and a black ballpen. At first, I'm nervous because I think I don't have a one whole piece of yellow paper. I know one of my classmates has a pad of yellow paper, she is quite far from where I am sitting and I think that if I will approach her to sue me a paper and our professor will notice, he might not like it because it only indicates or show a student going to school unprepared. But luckily, I found one piece of yellow paper folded and inserted in my notebook. Some of my classmates that have yellow paper were told to sell their yellow paper to those who don't have a yellow paper for fifty pesos each than giving it to them without not having in return because that yellow paper was intended or bought by their parents for them. At first, the buyers got shocked because fifty pesos is a high price just for a one piece of yellow paper. After a while, they were also two to three persons who don't have black ballpen, so our professor told those who have an extra black ballpen to sell it for one hundred pesos. But luckily, afterwards, our professor told us that it was just a kinda activity or sample what entrepreneurship is. He told us that it is up to the those yellow papers and black ballpen sellers if they will going to return the money to the buyers after the class.

So much for the story, the activity we had is something about connecting the nine dots. Three rows with three dots each row. We are tasked to connect all the dots with a maximum of four strokes only and without lifting the pen. At first, I thought it is not that hard, but I was wrong. I tried to connect the 9 dots many times but I overrun one stroke always. They say it is okay to do curves but when I went searching online, it should only be a straight stroke. But if curves stroke is allowed, I can solve the nine dots. When our professor told us to stop solving, he asked for volunteers to answer or solve the nine dots on the board but after the few students tried to answer, only one student who already encountered that kind of our professor's activity before got the correct solution. When he was asked to explain or have a reflection about the activity, connecting the nine dots, he mentioned or explained something about "thinking outside the box". As we analyzed the activity, we are only focusing on the nine dots. We only focused inside the nine dots without considering the outside of it. Our classmate that solved it, solved it by going beyond the nine dots. Thinking outside the box is a cliché where we can apply to our lives. According to wikipedia, it has become widely known or used in business environments. We only see what we want to see, we don't look outside the boundaries, and we don't look farther. The opposite of the previous sentence is what 'thinking outside the box' means. We should not focus only on the obvious things. To solve a problem, we should think laterally, we should try to think a solution in another way or in a creative approach and don't just focus what is obvious. In our daily lives, we can also apply this cliché. For instance, you have something you think cannot do. You have this mindset that you will not do things because you are already put in your mind that you cannot do that thing. By this, you are just limiting yourself to something what you only see. You should think outside the box, think beyond boundaries, think in another way. You should not settle for what you have or what you can only do. This is where the concept or the main thought of "think outside the box" can be applied. Try to think of the possibilities instead not trying to think. In life, you should not settle on things, because there might be other options out there that might be better for you. Think of a creative way or let us say make a move to find those better options you deserve. Whenever you have a hard or big problem, do not immediately surrender or do not lose hope quickly for every problem has a solution. Be an open-minded, think outside the box. Just focused on the value of finding solutions for your problem. Think new perspectives in life for your day to day living. Do not afraid to fail, for it is part of learning in life. Think positive always for it will be one of your guides for the best life you are going to track. In summary, do not just settle with what you have now, aim for more, because you are not sure if you might be reserved for a better things in life. Always think outside of the box especially when you cannot see the solution inside the box. 

For me, what our professor wants us to learn from the activity is that we should not settle what we only see or what is obvious. We should think in a creative way to solve things. To relate this to our subject, just in technopreneurship, in order to be a successful techopreneur, one should think in an entrepreneur way, thinking a more creative way or innovation to be a successful entrepreneur in the world of technology. Thinking outside the box will help you think of a better idea or a more creative innovation that might lead you to your success.

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