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Thursday, June 19, 2014


What can you do to help propel the economy of Davao City?

ECONOMY  When we say economy, what is the first thing that comes into our minds? The first thing that I can think when I heard the word economy is business, money or growth. According to the Oxford Dictionary, economy is define as the wealth and resources of an area, a region or a country especially in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services. In our country, whenever we have elections, we first think if the people we are going to vote will really help improve our country. We tend to think and analyze if those people will really help the economy of our country to improve. Economy of a certain area, city or country will mostly a basis for the investors for them to decide if they will going to pursue investing for some business in that location. Investors do not automatically invest money without doing some background check if their money that will going to invest will be safe and will really grow. Not all but most of us know that economy is important to a city or country. Why economy is important? Economy is important because it shows how services and goods are exchanged in an area, a city or country. The economy indicates the development and sustainability of that city or country. Economy indicates how improve is that city or country are, and what kind of leaders they had.

In our present era today, we could all see that we are exposed to technologies which means that technology is part of our daily lives already, that most of us have our own gadgets. Our era is called as the technological era. Maybe some of us may not remember a time when phones were not smart, when cameras were only contain film, when texts are meant school books and those old days when apple and blackberry were just fruits. So much for that, nowadays as technology emerges, we cannot deny the fact that most businesses today involves technology. Where they consider the fact that technology is already part of people's lives today. That is why the most improved and richest people of today's generation is part of the field of technology. 

In our last meeting which is last Tuesday, 24th of June 2014, we had our activity where we are divided into three groups. We are told to get a one bond paper and a ball pen then we are tasked to write something on it. First group was tasked to do some reflection about their assigned topic which is about an unemployed father and the family has no other resources. Second group was tasked to do some reflection about their assigned topic which is about a job requiring an applicant or a job which a 'pleasing personality' is part of the requirements or qualifications of an applicant. And lastly, the third group was tasked also to some of their reflection to a bond paper about their assigned topic which is something about a person which is currently employed but not satisfied with its present salary and benefits. One of the tasks given is about unemployment. Unemployment is one of the trending topics nowadays. With today's population, some of our people find it hard to have their own job, where they do not qualify to most of the job they are applying. According to's news last May 1 of 2014, Philippines has highest Asean unemployment rate among members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. With propelling the economy of Davao City, this problem should also be address. To be the best city that we want, he City should not only be the concern but the people of it also.

In regards to all the things I have mentioned, there are some things that I think that might help propel the economy of our city, Davao City. In relation to my previous reflection, some college and university schools' graduates in Davao migrate their selves to some other places to work. Because of the alluring compensation that were offered to them, they tend to choose to work outside Davao City. Being practical, you cannot blame them since if most of us will be in their place, we might also choose the work with the highest compensation and salary offered. But, as what I had mentioned last time, transferring to other area left Davao City remain to what i ist, or let us say, instead our City's best graduates stay here and work in their own city, they found themselves migrating to other places and work their. Yes, Davao City is improving but how about comparing the development of the city if our best graduates will stay inside the City and work here instead? This will be one of the ways to help Davao improve much better. To help the city to a fast-paced development. Innovation is part of our lives now and that is reality. We are living certainly through one of the most exciting periods in human history. Today, the pace of change is so fast where we could say that the technology of five or more years ago seems prehistoric. If I think like an technopreneur, in order to help Davao City propel its economy, it is obvious that we should make the use of technology nowadays. Using technology to those things that may affect or might improve the economy of the city. Hitting two birds with one stone - this will be my idea that will help propel Davao City's economy. What I am talking about is having IT businesses here in Davao City that could be a solution to the one of the two hot topics of this reflection. I am referring to the annual brain drain cycle in the city and helping to propel the economy of Davao City. Today, we could see that IT businesses and IT related businesses help improve Davao City's economy. These businesses do not only help the economy of the city improve but also, help thousand of Davaoeños and Davaoeñas have their jobs. With these establishments, it could not only help propel the economy of Davao City but also help lessen or best is to stop the annual brain drain cycle of Davao City. Today, Davao City already has an IT Park at Damosa property and waiting for the opening of IT Park which is located in Matina, Davao City. With the awaiting opening of the Matina IT park together with the BPO firms, the City expects more investments and opportunities to pour in which will give or offer thousand of jobs to our city's people, the Davaoeños, and an important electronic firm, the economist noted. One thing which makes building more IT businesses here in Davao City is that, if these businesses will be known locally, nationally and even worldwide and Davao City will then be one of the most improved city in Asia. If this happen, there will be those other investors especially those richest ones will seek and approach the city to have their investments here. When investors come in the city, the number of businesses grow up which is good since it will not only be a big contributor to the economy of Davao City but will also help the people here to be improved also. The greater the business or company, the greater the jobs that were offered. With the idea of being the most improved city, the people in other places will also transfer or migrate here and will also seek better jobs here. With the improved city, they might find the best jobs here than in the place where they came from. These people might also find their lives improving and at the same time helping the city maintain being the most improved city in the continent and possible, might be greater. Another thing that could help the economy of Davao City is same with what I had mentioned a while ago which is the BPO firms. BPO or Business Process Outsourcing. Recently, there is a reported news where BPO courses will be offered to some college and university schools in the country. There are about 17 state colleges and universities to be specific that CHED chose to offer this BPO courses. They want to offer or include this type of course in the state colleges and universities' curriculum in order to help the students develop their skills which will be needed for employment in BPOs. To support the technical requirements of the growing business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, the country or the city should build more infrastructure. With more than 70,000 positions are offered every year by the BPO industry that is why this new course will help the students get prepared in their employment in BPO firms when they get graduate if they wish to proceed to this kind of industry. With the help of this new course, the skills of the student will be improved, and the state colleges and universities will more produce best graduates. For those who cannot be in jobs that is related to what course or program they graduated, at least there are still opportunities for them to take such as in BPO industry. At least, the graduates are then already prepared to take BPO jobs. The more BPO firms, the more opportunities for the people especially to the graduates that having hard times finding jobs. Also, the more BPO firms here in the City, the more businesses this city will have that will contribute to the economy of the city.  Another thing that will help propel the economy of Davao City is applying the what we called, the alternative mindset. As we all know, the default mindset is the common mindset that people apply nowadays. People most especially the parents tend to send their children to school, tell them to get good grades in order for them to land in high paying jobs after they graduate. They plant this kind of mindset to their children when they grow and when the time comes that those children will also become parents, they will most probably also plant this kind of mindset to their children, and so on. This is just a cycle of life, which is passing this kind of mindset through generations. For those who carry this kind of mindset, they will think that they should have good grades in order for them to have better jobs, and be a high paid employee. Whereas, if we would apply the alternative mindset,  people especially the students will strive hard to get good grades and make and start building their own company soon after they graduate. They will become the boss, they do not just help their selves get ahead but they are also contributing to the economy of the city. The more business that will establish, the more job opportunities will be offered to those who are unemployed and graduates who are looking for job. It was like hitting three birds with one stone. But how we can change the people's mindset from the default one to the alternative mindset? First things first, educating them with this will be a nice idea to implement. Start establishing seminars and little by little, gather them and teach them about the different mindsets. Next thing are the schools. Most of the schools also have this kind of mindset, where it is being the school's mindset also from primary education until college. So, for the campaign or project of educating the people about the mindsets, we should also start the schools apply the alternative mindset. School is the second home of the students. Most of a student's time when he or she is still studying, spend most of his or her time to the school. School plays a big part of learning of an individual. That is why schools should also have the alternative mindset in order to influence the students and for the school to produce better graduates.

Unemployment is not new in our country today, the rate of unemployment is increasing. In regards to what I had mentioned, the more business that will established, the more job opportunities will be offered. And these job opportunities should be offered first to the people of the city. The future businesses should hire people in the area to make solution and lessen the issue of unemployment. Despite of the alarming news of annual brain drain cycle in Davao City, still Davao City made it to the top. According to news, Davao Region is still remained in Mindanao's top economy in 2013. It is said that Davao is still among the country's highest economic contributors. Davao City lands fourth overall in the country. But, this good news is based not only with the technology aspects but in overall things that contributed to the economy of the city such as agriculture and tourism. That is why, the annual brain drain cycle in Davao City should come to an end. The government should make a solution for it. It should or lessen as early as possible before we found out that Davao City will be in the bottom list in the field of technology.

In summary, to help propel the economy of Davao City, these are the things that should be implemented: Applying the alternative mindset to the people most especially to those who are still students and to their parents, establishing more IT businesses which means contributing more to the economy of the city, supporting the BPO industry wherein more infrastructure should be build and BPO courses will be offered also to state colleges and universities to help students develop their skills needed for employment in BPOs.

Davao City is the center of Mindanao. The city serves as the main trade, commerce and industry hub of Mindanao, and it is also the regional center for Davao Region. Today, having a good city leaders, implementing projects and laws which is good for Davao City. And with the things that make our city's economy grow, we all could see that Davao City is improving. The nation or even the world is start knowing our city. And as part or a citizen of this city, I am so proud being a Davaoena. That is why it will be an honor not only to me but to the rest of the people here especially to those who are still students if we will become part of the success of the Davao City. If we will become best graduate that we could be, and start contributing to the more development of our very own city. In order to implement the mentioned ways, I/we should start changing ourselves. We cannot successfully have the change what we want if we will not start the change in our selves. If we only plan and suggest changes for our community, we cannot make that change that we want to happen. So, again, we should start making our selves to be the change we want to see. Apply the alternative mindset, and as a student, we should also contribute to the economy of our city and first start having work here instead of transferring to some other places. 

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