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Thursday, June 19, 2014


July 17, 2014 - Last tuesday, I slept late due to my assignment in the same subject. I slept at four in the morning and set three alarms at 5:00am, 5:15am, 5:45am for me to be prepared for school early and for me not to be late in class. Because it is commonly a practice under the management of sir Randy to be punished if you arrived late to the class. When my mother wake me up and asked me for a verification of the schedule of my class that day, she told me that it was already 7 in the morning. I am confident that she is just kidding me but unfortunately, she is not. When I look up to my cellphone's clock, it was already 7 in the morning. By that time, I should already riding the jeepney or I should already on my way to school. I am so upset that time and I regret that I slept. But what can I do? What's done is done. I do not have an option but to accept the consequence(s). I am on my way to school having no breakfast and with an exhausted face due to lack of sleep. While riding a jeepney going to school, I am preparing a song to sing and when I arrived to class and sing in front of them with the first two lines of the The Script's song, entitled Breakeven, all I am thinking before I sang that song and when I am already in front of them was "it is not embarrassing to sing, it is not embarrassing to sing in front of them because most of them are my classmates before and the rest of them belong to the lower years of our department.". By thinking that way, I found singing in front of the class as not an embarrassing moment. After all the performers including me, are done showing our talents in front of the class, we had our first activity in this subject, Technopreneurship 1. The activity I am referring to is what we called, connecting the nine dots. Nine dots with a dimension of three by three. The lesson you will get from this activity where you should apply in order to solve the nine dots is to "think outside the box". This means in order for us to solve a problem, we should not settle on the things we see. We should think in a creative way, which means we should think beyond the boundaries. I already explained and share my thoughts about this activity of ours we had in my other reflection so I will just not elaborate it more here to avoid redundancy. :) Going back to the topic, after we had the activity, our professor has these lessons' slides for our first lesson. The topic is about technopreneurship and it education most especially that is focused on our city.

When we are born in this world, we are raised by our parents. Our parents supply us by the things we need: food, shelter, clothing and education. Parents send their children to school in order to learn, to widen their knowledge about things, to know and explore new things. Why? Because parents want their children to have good future. This is a cycle of life. This is the one of the common things of what a person will going to experience. But what is the most common thought of an individual (those who does not have parents anymore or those who are not supported by their parents) especially those parents why they want their children to go school? Why parents want their children to have good grades? The common thought is this, "Go to school, get good grades, and land in a high-paying job." This idea is the most common thinking what most of us think when it comes to education. About formal education, it is the usual mindset what most of us have. This thinking is what we called "A Default Mindset". We are enrolled to schools while having this thought. Our parents send us to schools with this kind of mindset. I still remember when I am still in my primary education or elementary days where in my first years like first grade up to second grade, I am already selling stuffs which I can sell to my classmates for me to have an extra money going to school. In my first grade in elementary, I am already selling food, sampaloc candy to be specific. I still remember when my teacher told me to pick up the wrapper of the sampaloc candy I am selling because my classmates unfortunately did not throw it properly to the trash bin they were should supposed to do. For me, it was kinda embarrassing because I am not doing wrong things about selling food. In an early age, I am starting to face life. I am already experiencing how it is hard to make money, that it is not easy to earn money. When I reached second grade, I sell stuffs like hair clips for my girl classmates. I cannot remember how much percentage of the income I have for selling those stuffs, what I only remembered is that I have a part if I can sell those stuffs. That year, it is not easy to me to sell since I am a shy type person. When I grew, until now, I always carry this 'seller blood' (I can't think of an another term for it). I am selling things which I can sell in order for me to have an extra income. Selling is not an easy thing to do, that is why I have this mindset that I should graduate in order for me to find a job which I can have regular income, because you cannot guarantee a regular income in reselling online since I am not a supplier of things I am selling. Between employer and an employee, I preferred to be an employer. It is same with the mindset of other people that it is better to have business. I prefer to have a business because you own your time, you are the boss, it is like you are the employer. You do not have a boss because you are the boss.  The default mindset can be relate to 'Maalaala Mo Kaya?'s episode last Saturday where the father of Dandoy (the boy who stopped going to school for his passion, skateboarding)told his son about the importance of education. He told him that education is important because it is something that no one can steal from you. He told his son that he should not waste the opportunity in going to school, that he should study in order for him to find job after studying. This is what the default mindset is all about. The parents send their children to school and to study there to learn. They should go to school, get good grades, in order for them to land in a high-paying job. This is most of the people have in their minds why they need to go to school. As part of these people, I am carrying this mindset when going to school. My parents always told me that my grades should be okay for that time after I graduate, I will easily find a good job and have better salary.  What is in my parents' mind is the default mindset. Default mindset is what the students nowadays absorb and carry it with them until they reach college. This kind of mindset was also supported too by most of the schools nowadays. Default mindset can also be called formally as the employment mindset.

But, how about having a different mindset than this default mindset? There is an another mindset which might be better than the default mindset. I am referring to the alternative mindset. "Go to school, get good grades, create and own a company", "Use your knowledge, skills, core values, creativity and passion to create and innovate through technology", "Contribute and be involved in the technological development of Davao" These statements were called as the alternative mindsets. "Go to school, get good grades, create and own a company", this statement is kinda opposite of the default mindset. In default mindset, it is like suggesting that you should go to school, maintain good grades and be an employee. While in the alternative mindset, it is suggesting that you should go to school, get good grades and be the employer. This kind of mindset is what I preferred the most. I preferred to become the employer than the employee because I find it more useful to help you to enhance or develop your skills in leadership because you are the one giving the command. You will get more respect and of course, you will have greater salary or income than being the employee. If you will become the employer, you will be the one that will lead the people and not the one who is only taking orders. I do not say that being an employee is not good or we all should be an employer because if that happens, who are going to be our employees? I am just suggesting putting up a business, creating a business and owning a company. With this kind of mindset, you will be able to encourage to go to school, study and learn ideas on how to manage a business, become a good leader or employer, and how to become a successful entrepreneur or businessman. If you will become the employer, you have your own time. You are the boss. Alternative mindset can also be called formally as the technopreneurship mindset. What is technopreneurship by the way? Technopreneurship is a term which the words Technology and Entrepreneur were combined. The person who belongs or who manages to the field of technopreneurship is called a technopreneur. A technopreneur is an entrepreneur who thinks of an idea to innovate, the one who is creative, a technology savvy, and who dares to be different. An entrepreneur takes risks and challenges and makes great efforts to direct their life to the greater success. An entrepreneur should not fear to fail, because failing is part of life. No one reached the greater success without failing since from the start. We should take failure as an experience for learning, to see things differently and step forward to the next challenge. The development of this alternative mindset can start in schools. They can be the foundation of the things they could use to apply for the alternative mindset. Technopreneurship course could be able to prepare the students to be the better technopreneurs. With this kind of mindset, the alternative mindset, the IT graduates of our city decide to continue their technology-based business plans as start-ups in technology-business incubators. Alternative mindset has this what they called Macro Strategy which was called The Technopreneurship Ecosystem. This strategy will be the city's guide to produce best graduates that could help Davao City to be the best city in the nation. When an individual or a student to be specific will have his or her technology-based business plan and was offered to be incubated, they will be sent to a technology-based incubator and there, they will be able to develop their business plans and this also just the start of their project's success. Venture capitalists will invest in the high technology product(s) that is capable of working successfully of that individual. The start ups of that certain individual will turn into stable IT enterprises and will be located in IT parks and/or buildings eventually. Funding institutions will do as well what the venture capitalists did, which is supporting the high technology product(s) of the person being incubated. The IT enterprise strives to win in the local and global market and will spur the economic growth in the locality. The IT industry in the city will develop and will be a well-known city. If that happens, Davao City will be a fast-paced developing city nationwide and even worldwide and will attract more investors and locators. If this will also happen, our graduates especially the best ones will decide to work here instead of migrating to some other places. They will build and develop their careers here and will build also their families within the City. For those graduates who already left Davao City for working to other places like Cebu and Manila will return and decide to take root here. If the alternative mindset will become successful, the city will become the IT hub and capital of Mindanao, might also be in the nation and possibly even in the continent, Asia. And eventually, Davao will become the home of efficient and highly competent IT professionals. With this, the schools within Davao City will become known and respected worldwide for producing such best graduates in town or even worldwide. "Use your knowledge, skills, core values, creativity and passion to create and innovate through technology", this statement is also part of the alternative mindset that was introduced to take place the default mindset. In the field of technology or IT, it is more required to be more creative since technology nowadays is fast improving or developing. Since technology now is fast emerging, and nothing now is still unique, we should think of a more creative idea to innovate a better product. I mentioned that nothing now is still unique since that was a professor of ours before told us which I can agree with. Nothing is unique now since what products that you see that emerge nowadays were just the combination or the upgraded version of an existing idea. To create and innovate through technology, one should use his or her knowledge, creativity, passion, core values and skills. To create, one should make use of his or her own creativity, core values and passion. And to innovate it through technology, one should also make use of his or her knowledge and skills. For the high technology product(s) of an individual to be supported, it should be an interesting business plan or an eye-catching project which could attract venture capitalists or funding institutions that could make or turn that plan into reality. Using all of the things mentioned to innovate through technology is a big challenge to take since not all of us could actually make it successfully since we are not all gifted with those things. "Contribute and be involved in the technological development of Davao", this statement was also part of the alternative mindset that was introduced. In the discussion that we had, it was mentioned that best graduates were offered and took the opportunity to work to some other areas in the country or even outside the country because of the alluring salary they will get. The rest of my thoughts regarding to this will be mentioned in the later part of this reflections. Back to the one of the statements of the alternative mindset or technopreneur mindset, "Contribute and be involved in the technological development of Davao". Contribute means giving something such an idea which might help Davao lead to its success. Being involved in the way of engaging one's self to the process of technological development of Davao. Involving one's self means participating to the programs or whatever is part of the technological development of the city. Before making the other places to be developed and lead to its success, IT graduates should first help their own city to improve. They should pay back what it had gave to them. Being practical is not bad but they should also think what it may be the result if all or most of them will work to some other places. How nice in the feeling if you are an IT graduate of this city and be one of the contributors of the development of the IT industry here. If that happens, you will be a renowned IT graduate; you will be known to be the part of the team that makes Davao City one of the best city in the nation and in the world. What I had mentioned earlier is what I liked the most in the discussion that we had last meeting. What I am referring to is the fact that Davao City became the producer of best IT graduates in town. It is such an honor knowing that fact since we belong in this city and we are also an IT student and it helps us or encourage us to strive harder for us to graduate in this course. We are encourage and might get inspired to maintain that as a fact. How nice it will be if we will also be the first ever batch of IT graduates that will help Davao City rise to the IT industry and will make Davao City be known for it nationwide and even worldwide soon. 

In the article I have read regarding technopreneurship and IT education , there is also something called The Macro Strategy.  In order to sustain and attain what is described above about the alternative mindset, the ecosystem in technopreneurship in the region has to be in place. It requires the interaction or cooperation of the academe, government, business community and IT industry. This so-called cooperation between the organizations is strengthened with the following components. First are the technopreneurship programs in the IT curriculum in the colleges around the city. Next are the technology-business incubators. Third are the venture capitalists and the funding institutions. Fourth, the IT business incentives and a support legal framework. Next to this is the IT parks and buildings. After is the access to domestic and international IT market. Seventh are the domestic and international locators. Next is the IT-enabled business enterprises and government agencies. Second to the last are the IT-enabled hotels and tourist destinations and lastly, the IT-friendly real estate environment. This macro strategy was already mentioned earlier, and this was just a summary of it. This scenario of synergy was said to be still far from reality. But despite of this, there were lots of inroads that have already been achieved towards this direction. Today, Davao have an an active IT community with the presence of PSITS, CDITE and PSITE in the eleventh region of the Philippines. There were already twelve schools today which have committed to implement the technopreneurship course in their IT curriculum, and our own school, University of Southeastern Philippines was part of this. The said to be the umbrella organization of all IT organizations in Davao which is the ICT Davao, Inc. is now holding the IT industry in the city. Now, there were already ten organizations that were coming from different subsectors under the organization's wing. There were already lots of good things to be mentioned in supporting IT industry in Davao such as: there were already number of IT industry support of ordinances and resolutions that have been passed by the quite number of supportive councilors of Davao City Council and to respond to the necessity of the IT industry in the city, an IT Committee was established during the previous City Council, to name a few. As of now, Brokenshire College has an incubation center inside its campus which means that the city already has one IT incubation center. Davao City also have one IT Part at the Damosa property, and also the NCCC Mall which was located in Matina is preparing an IT Zone in their fourth floor. Speaking of an IT Park, we could already see today the making of the IT Park near NCCC Mall of Davao which is located in the in front the right side of the mall. Nowadays, Davao City also have lots of establishments anywhere which are providing a free wi-fi access to their customers. A quantity of locators have already set up camp in the city and it was also mentioned that there are still others following soon. These things seem to be in their right places but the big question or challenge is that, how to support the emerging synergy and will eventually maintain the technopreneurship ecosystem? All of what was mentioned a while ago was just start-ups to the development of IT industry in Davao City. How much more will this development could reach if all the best IT graduates of Davao City will help to reach the success of the city? If all of them, or if not all, most of them will gather or work here and will contribute many things to the fast-paced improvement of the city, this will surely make Davao City a well known and respected city nationwide and even worldwide.

For the part of these reflections, we are also told to say something about what we liked least about the discussion that we had last meeting, Tuesday. What I liked the least most in the discussion was knowing about the brain-drain cycle in Davao City. When we have our second meeting last Tuesday, all of our professors discussed was nice and very informative. He discussed well about the default mindset what some of us have. Going to school, get good grades, and land in a high-paying job. That is what default mindset is, as what I already mentioned before. Before, this was also my mindset. But, when I reached college and start having my own little online business. I find it more satisfying to have your own business than being an employee to a certain work. Because when I have my own business, I own my time. It is up to me when to go online. Whenever a customer orders and we have a meet up, I can also pick a day when to have that meet up. I can also arrange time whenever I am free. While you are an employee, you have a fixed schedule that you should follow. You should come on time or earlier. I am not discouraging not to be an employee; I am just saying what is more satisfying and which is better for me. Creating and owning company is an alternative mindset which may lead a success to an individual. You might undergo or experience hardships or fail; it is okay since it is part of life. Same with what I mentioned earlier, entrepreneurs take failure as a learning experience to see things differently and pursue to the next challenge. 

Students or graduates who imbibe the kind of thinking, the default mindset will most likely pass it to their descendants. They will have this kind of thought up to becoming parents and plant this thought to the minds of their children. What happens when children will just settle with this kind of thinking? They will most likely carry it until they finished college. After one successfully finished his or her college, he or she will find a high paying job. That individual will choose and prefer a job that pays the higher salary. When offered or find a job which offers higher salary than his or her current job, he or she will most likely transfer to that job. This scenario is what we can see nowadays. Graduates of IT in Davao City preferred to apply and work for a job outside Davao or even outside the country. Why? Money can explain it. The main reason why most of our graduates preferred to work in other areas instead of working in their own city is just because of the amount of salary they can get. We cannot deny the fact that money really matters in this world. We should be practical nowadays, that is the common thought of what of us think. And that is reality. In order for you to be a successful one, you should be practical. But sometimes, being practical wipes out the main thought of a certain goal. (Pardon for the terms, I just don't know the correct way of saying it). What I am trying to say is, the IT graduates preferred to work outside Davao instead working here because of the salary. But how about, investing or working here and make Davao the best cities in the nation? They say Davao City is a great source of people in the field of IT. Yes, Davao do have the great IT graduates in town, but why Davao is still in a slow-paced improvement? What I had mentioned earlier explains it why. Davao's IT graduates find the salary working outside the City higher than working here that is why Davao is experiencing brain drain. Brain drain is the term for lacking or draining of professionals in an area. We are still in a slow-paced improvement because we are lacking of best ITs that could work here. This is what the default mindset could create. Students striving hard to get good grades to find a high-paying job. 

As what I had mentioned earlier, schools also apply the default or employment mindset. In their own perspective, they should produce best graduates for the companies will seek them. That is why companies’ approaches best graduates of a certain university and offer them an attractive compensation packages. With these attractive compensation packages, best graduates of universities that were offered to this were lured to work to them. The sad part is when that company came from outside the city. Graduates will more likely force or decide to transfer their locations to the location of their job. In Davao City, the best graduates are lured to work in the companies located outside Davao City, common places like Manila and Cebu City. That is why it is not shocking that those cities were more improved than Davao City. Brain drain does not mean that there were no IT graduates that left in this area. There are still IT graduates here, it was just, and most of the best graduates were not here. The average IT graduates that remains within the city may find it hard to obtain a job that has a satisfying or a good salary. When these IT graduates find it more satisfying to work outside the city, they will most likely follow the same route what the best IT graduates of the city took. A school that has the employment or default mindset will find it as a kinda achievement knowing that their graduates excel in the companies the graduates are working for. Yes, the best graduates excelled in their field, but, in other location. They manage to help the development of other areas, not their own city, which is Davao. This is the reality now, and this is alarming. This kind of cycle, city producing graduates and eventually work for the development of other area happens annually. This is the cause which Davao city maintain and stuck to the slow-paced development. If this cycle will remain continuously, does it mean that Davao will only be or will remain the sought-after provider of human resource forever? In this type of cycle, we could actually relate it to the saying that "tayo ang nagsaing, iba ang kumain" which already was mentioned in the discussion of our Technopreneurship 1 professor. That is why, this alternative mindset introduced, the brain drain cycle that had happened and is still happening in Davao City should put to an end. This solution may not take action or may not be applied and see the results quickly. But, if this will start to happen, this may slowly stop the brain drain cycle that is happening nowadays and may lead Davao City to its success.

In the discussion we have that day, seventeenth of June of this year, I acquired more learnings. I have learned a lot about technopreneurship from what our professor has discussed. It was an honor to be a part of IT department in our school because of such great professors we had. Our professor is molding us to be a better student we may be. He is teaching us the things that we should learn about in the subject he is holding, Technopreneurship for example. At first, a student may find it hard and like kinda tortured to answer just two "what" questions for five thousand words. But, I find it useful for us to answer like these reflections since giving your own reflection to this also widen your knowledge to what you thought you already knew. Searching for more information to gather to answer these reflections helped me to be knowledgeable about the things regarding the graduates of IT and the effect of their migration to some other place to work to the IT industry and development of Davao City. Giving my own thought about the previous discussion demand me to search for more possible reference that what I could take and recall the things what our professors had discussed that day. I find the discussions useful to us, the brain drain in the city is an alarming news to hear. Since most of people especially within Mindanao thought that Davao City has the great IT students in Davao City, but they could not see the great improvement in the city. In my conclusion, one of the main points why Technopreneurship course also exists in some IT curriculum in some colleges and universities in the city is to spread such news, making the IT students realized the importance of staying and working in the city. Some of the students might still carrying the default or employment mindset that is why it is more a good thing to let them know that alternative mindset exists and that they could reach better future than what they think they could reach. In the discussion, some of us were enlightened the main point or the main thought of what our professor had discussed. By also answering or giving their own thoughts about this reflection, you could actually see their own perception about the discussion, the cause and the effect of the mentioned issues or problems. We, as one of the IT students in the city can make the first step in our university by applying the alternative mindset we learned in our subject. For the alternative mindset and the solutions to take effect, we should practice what we preached. Following our own thoughts will lead the success to happen. Us, being an IT student, it is a big challenge to us to take the steps of the journey to the success of this. But, with the introduced mindset, we could be guided by it and will be motivated to strive harder in order to become successful in the field of IT industry. 

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