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Thursday, June 26, 2014


To travel is what most of us is dreaming about. Most of us wants to travel because when you travel you will experience new environment, you can see new places, explore new things or even meet new people. But when we say travel, we cannot deny the fact that it really involves money. Mostly, to travel is costly. We cannot just pick up money everywhere that is why to travel needs preparations. Preparation for the schedule of your flight or travel days, the things you will need and of course, money.When I am still in my lower years in college, sometimes I can hear something about one of the subjects in our curriculum which is the Field Trip and Seminars. They said that when we are enrolled to this subject, we will go to Manila for our field trip which made me excited. But, when I heard about the payment for it, I was shocked since it is a big amount. But since I still have a year that time to prepare, I am confident that I can join the FTS, but we cannot predict what will happen to us such as an emergency that is why saving money is not an easy thing to do.  

In our Field Trip and Seminars subject this school year, we are proposed three kinds of models. First is the Model A which included a 1 major field trip which will be happened outside Mindanao, a 1 minor field trip which is within Mindanao, a 1 seminar which will be a national seminar and two hours of interpersonal skills. In Model B, it includes 1 major field trip which will be happened outside Mindanao, two minor field trips within Mindanao, two seminars that should have a total or a minimum of eight hours and two hours for interpersonal skills. And the last proposed model which is Model C includes three minor field trips which will be happened within Mindanao, four seminars which will have a total of 16 hours that will be conducted within Mindanao and two hours interpersonal skills. We are given a letter to our parents for them to choose what type of model they want us to take. I explained it to my parents and they said that they want to choose the cheaper model due to financial matters. But since it was already agreed that that model that will have the most number of votes by our parents will be this year's FTS batch model. Honestly, my mother wants us to have only our major field trip here within Mindanao but I was shocked when in the letter she chose model A. When it comes to money matters, I would prefer the cheaper model also which I think is the Model C. But when it comes to learning, I would prefer to choose the costly model which is Model A since the main objective of this subject to familiarize the student with recent trends and developments in information and communication technology thru seminars and field trips as well as gain exposure, and to equip the students with basic interpersonal skills in their chosen fields of expertise thru non-technical seminars. With the mentioned objectives of the subject, we can see that with Model A, we, students could really learn more if we will take the Model A since Manila is said to be one of the known improved cities in the Philippines. Also, it is where the biggest IT event or seminar was held annually. Choosing a type of model is not easy since you will need to choose which needs to consider many factors such as what I had mentioned a while ago, money or budget and learning. Budget since we all know that we cannot travel without money because money will support us with our needs in travelling. Learning, since we will going to conduct field trip simply and only because for us students to widen our knowledge or explore new things as we will have this field trip. It is not only for pleasure, it is for the learnings that we will acquire. Another factor that we should consider in choosing the type of model for our field trip is the majority votes of our parents. When one parent chooses the Model C as the type of model the parent wants his or her daughter or son to take does not mean that this will be our FTS model that we are going to take. We should also consider what other parents' think and decisions, and if what is that FTS model that has the greatest number of votes will be our FTS model.

When we will have our field trip and seminars which we are required to attend seminars and lectures since we are enrolled in such subject. We are required to attend seminars and lectures on current topics and issues on Information and Communication Technology as well as visiting sites and field trips to different ICT enabled businesses. In the field trip and seminars, we should also articulate those things we have observed and also with our insights. The amount of the field trip and seminars were costly since travelling to some other places is not free and we should really spend money but this expense will also be an exchange for the learnings or knowledge we will going to acquire and of course the new unforgettable experiences we will going to experience. For sure, what we are going to experience to this subject will become memorable moments that most of us will have and treasure since most of us will going to ride a plane for the first time, and also going to Luzon specifically in Manila for first time also.

To sum up all the things I mentioned, we all should consider two main factors before choosing a FTS model, these were the budget and learnings which also includes the new experiences. But because we should also consider the majority votes at the end, we ended up taking the Model A (which also my preferred FTS model) that will surely give us so much fun, experience and of course unforgettable learnings.

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