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Monday, June 30, 2014

My expectations on my my first plane ride..

To travel to places where I want to be is my greatest dream. :)

September 8, 2014  save the date! This date will be going to be the date for the first plane ride for the most of us. Hearing to have a field trip outside Mindanao, in Manila to be specific and getting there by riding a plane make us excited. For sure, our first plane ride will going to be fun. I expect that most of us will come early to the departure area because of so much excitement. Maybe, some of us will not sleep or cannot sleep because of exhilaration. Watching television's series or movies showed me that some people do not like the feeling when they travel, when they ride a plane. Some people will have headache, some feels like to vomit when the plane starts to take off. But me? I think I will not feel that way because I am not that type of person. First time experiences were the best moments most of the time especially when it is something that you are dreaming to experience. These will be moments that you will keep and treasured for the rest of your life. So, if we are going to have our first experiences in life, we should enjoy every moment of it for we cannot turn back the time after that moment had passed. Honestly, I have never been to airport in my whole life. I have cousins, uncles, aunties, grandfather and grandmother who fly to other places but I never have the chance to accompany them to the airport. I always want to, but there are reasons why I can't. Maybe, most of us already saw an airplane; of course, we can see airplanes flying up above the sky. When I am still a kid, whenever I hear an airplane passing through the sky above our area, I quickly go outside and find where that airplane is. When I am starting to grow up, sometimes whenever I see an airplane flying above, I used to stare at it until I will know what company owns that airplane. I have never been in any far places from Davao, I have never been outside Mindanao. I always dream to travel to some other places, at least within the country, as long as I could experience new places, new environment. But, we never have enough money for travelling to some places. We only travel to places where we have our relatives, whenever there is a birthday celebration, wedding celebration or a funeral. But, we never travel or explore other places just for fun, just for vacation because we never used to it and we do not have money for it. 

For my first experiences that will going to happen when we will have our major field trip, I want to capture all the best moments I could have. I want to have a remembrance to everything such as first plane ride and first travel outside Manila. It might sound oa or ignorant to some other people, but for me, I do not care as long as I will have something to treasure in life when I get old. Pictures will serve as kinda proofs to the journey of our life as we grow. Memorable moments from experiences are priceless. Those smiles that first time experiences draw to our faces will surely be cherished. In our coming major field trip that will be held in Manila, I will be the first member of our family who could ride a plane and go to Manila. When I told my mother about the past experiences of the previous students who also have their major field trip there, my mother told me that I seem so excited. Yes, I am kinda excited but not much until I am definitely sure that we can able to support the financial needs for this major field trip so that I could able to have my first plane ride. As early as now, my mom already told me what homecoming treat she wants, what are those things she wants me to buy when we get there. It was like she is also excited. Telling me what she wants for me to buy there is making me pursue this field trip, strive harder in order for me to earn enough money. Soon, after I graduate and if I will have my own job and have enough money, I want to treat them. I want to send them in their first plane ride also going to somewhere. So much for that, when I knew that we will going to ride a plane soon, I don't search about tips and guidelines or any reviews from other people who also took their first plane ride. It is because I want to be surprised :) As long as I know to myself that I will not going to vomit or anything, I just want to treasure my first moment. This coming 8th day of September, I will be able to see the sky from the top. I might already know what it looks like but I think it is nicer and amazing if you could experience it personally and see it for yourself. After the first plane ride that we will going to take, I hope and believe that it will not be my last plane trip. That there is more plane ride that I am going to take after it; second, third, fourth, fifth ride and so on. For I love to travel, I should strive harder in order for me to achieve that goal and dream of mine. For our first plane ride, all we wish is a safe travel, that no bad things will happen, that we will land their safe and sound so that our family left here will not be worry to us and so that, we could enjoy our first ever major field trip in Manila. For all we know that God will guide us to a safe trip soon, nothing to worry about, just believe and have faith in Him :)

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