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Sunday, June 15, 2014


- Food/Dish Requestor
This type of innovation will help the cook of the hotel think of what type of dish he or she will cook. This innovation is good for those who love requesting foods they want to eat. There is already a device which the guest of a certain Hotel room could use in order to make request. The guest can type his or her request and after he or she will successfully submit the request form, the request will automatically reflect to the monitor inside the hotel’s kitchen. A sound will also ring once a new request has been received.

- Virtual Guide
This kind of innovation will help those people who are searching for a hotel to check in. The virtual guide is a smartphone app where people can download in the net. It’s free. But, in order to access the virtual tour guide, it needs an internet connection. In the virtual tour guide section of the app, you can tour the whole hotel except for those forbidden rooms or area in which the guest can’t visit. The guest can also visit each hotel’s guest room but once the room was already occupied, opening and visiting it is not possible. That is why this needs an active internet connection because whenever a new guest checks in, it will automatically reflect to the app. Virtual Tour Guide is a 4D app, wherein it’s like already you physically touring the hotel. This app is a total package, where online bookings, online support chat, all about the hotels are all available.

- Multi-purpose Remote Control
What if a hotel’s guest requested a hotel housekeeper and the guest was already sitting when the housekeeper arrived? Or what if a guest has friend came to visit him or her? The guest can use this type of innovation wherein he or she can just press a button to open the door. This remote control is a multi-purpose since the guest can use it to control the temperature of his or her room, it can also be used to change the channel of the television in his or her room or it can also use to turn on or off a light in the room. With this type of innovation, it will be much easier for the guest to do such things.

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