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Sunday, June 15, 2014


When we have our lunch at KFC during the Graphicon 3 held at GMALL Cinema 4 last year, I observed that fetching water is done by a water dispenser. There were lots of customers that time since it is lunch time. So, what if there are many customers that want to drink water? They need to fall in line first and wait for a couple of seconds to minutes in order to drink water if there are so many customers that also want to drink water. With this situation, I also see a problem with the glass the customers will use. What if there are not enough glasses for the rest of the customers? Yes, they do have staff but since eating time or lunch/dinner time are the busiest hours of the day, we can't avoid delay or refilling glasses.

I innovate something which can help such fast food chain to enhance their service to their customers in terms of their water dispenser. This is what I called, Automatic Water Dispenser wherein a certain customer will only just choose from the option in the machine like in a vending machine, if he or she wants very cold water, with ice or not, full or half full only. Then, when the customer press the button, like in the vending machine again, the machine will automatically release a glass then the dispenser will detect it and poured a water on it based on what the customer chose. In implementing this type of idea, maybe at first, the customers will be strange or not familiar with it but as the time goes by, they will get used to it. This technology will be a user friendly so a kid, teenager or adults will understand how to use it easily.

When roaming around the malls, I observed in fast food chains like the common ones, McDO or Jollibee, there were lots of customers fall in line to the cashier especially when it is eating time, like lunch or dinner. Seeing the long lines to the cashier, some people may think that better to eat to other fast food chains than falling in long lines. Some people may think of that way maybe because they are too hungry to fall in line. They might be discouraged to that type of service or what, and it might be minus points to the customers. Yes, there are also fast food chain staffs that take orders to the customers that fall in line and will write it down to a paper and they will present it to the cashier.

So, how about creating a machine that will serve to other customers that will take their orders than a staff taking orders? I will call this innovation as Express Order Machine. In this machine, there were already menus of the fast food chain. There are also best seller corner wherein the customer will know what are those best seller foods for that certain fast food chains. And also the foods that will suit their budget, they can enter a specific amount of budget then a list of foods that suit the customer’s budget. After the customer is done selecting his or her orders, the machine will issue a list of orders of that customer. After that, the customer will need to present it to the counter. The device or machine is user friendly which means easy to operate and it is touch screen where most of the people now are used to. Yes, this is same with what some of the staffs were doing in a fast food chain, for example, McDo. But instead of a human, how about innovating or creating an express order machine that will do it so that the staff will just go to the serving area or kitchen area to help the other staffs preparing the orders of the customers.

At first, maybe the regular customers or the customers will get strange to the new system, but they will be used to it, very soon.

“Customer feedback is vital to making a business work. Your customers are the heart of your operation; without them, it would be impossible to have any of the success that you do. Customer feedback can be an excellent way to keep your business going in a positive direction.

The feedback of a customer is important to any kind of business. It will help the business improve something that will help it grow. With the customer’s feedback, they will know what those things that the customers like and dislike are and what are their suggestions.

My innovation for this is what I called Customer Feedback Touchpad. This kind of device is attached to the table to every table in the fast food chain. Every purchase to the fast food chain’s counter, they can request for a code that they will need to enter a feedback to the touchpad. Once the customer(s) are done eating, they can open the cover of the touchpad and they should enter first the code for them to access it. Then, they will first select how many stars they want to give to the fast food chain. After that, they can now type their opinions, suggestions or review about the fast food chain. It might be something about the facilities, the services, the foods, or the staffs. The code given can only be used once. Once a certain code was already used, it cannot be reused again since every code is unique. After the customer finished his or her review or feedback and successfully submitted it, it will automatically send to the admin of the fast food chain.

With the feedbacks of the customers, the fast food chain could monitor what are those things that they should enhance or change. By implementing what most of their customer wants, the customers can see that, that certain fast food chain is giving value to the feedbacks of their customers.


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