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Friday, June 13, 2014

FTS Second Meeting

We had our second meeting last June 13, 2014 for our FTS subject this school year. Every time they talked or discussed something about the payment, it's like I'm kinda 'OP' because it was like I'm the most problematic student in this FTS batch because of the payment. Most of them were sponsored by their parents or maybe a relative, but me? I'm making ways just to find money for the first payment schedule/deadline. In our second FTS meeting, our president discussed about the booking of plane tickets. By the two options, the class agreed that we will take the batch booking because this kind of booking is what we find cheaper than the block booking. Whatever the majority's decision is, I will respect it and I'm not against it as long as it's for the best and it will help lessen the amount of money we will going to provide for this subject. Since the first payment schedule/deadline is fast approaching, some of us might kinda worried. But, we know, God will guide and help us :)

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