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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Today, June 25, 2014, we had our third meeting in our FTS subject. We are gathered at IC Lab 2 by our president to have some discussions about the said subject especially for our upcoming major field trip. At first, I am curious on what our president will going to discuss about specifically. When the meeting goes on, she first discussed about the concept paper that we should comply for the Y4iT, this concept paper should be submitted by those who are also taking up a Technopreneurship 1 subject this school year. Finally, our president showed us the breakdown of the expenses for this subject, Field Trip and Seminars and discussed about it each. The breakdown of expenses help me to have a strong faith that I can join the major field trip since the document showed to us stated that the budget for each of us for this subject is PhP18,000. I thought at first that I should really pay PhP20,000 or more for the field trip and seminars for this subject excluding the pocket money. But because, our president gave us this breakdown of expenses and discussed it well, which she also mentioned too, that we will not spend the whole PhP20,000 for this subject. That is why I am more motivated now to join the major field trip. She also found a solution for those who cannot pay on the first deadline of the payment (which is for the plane tickets), because some of us cannot pay on time because of money matters which is good to hear since I am also having difficulties now when it comes in reaching the PhP7,000 for the first payment. We all hope that all of our problems regarding this subject especially for the major field trip would be well and we will fly together to Manila this coming September. J

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