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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

FTS' First meeting

Field Trip and Seminars — every time I heard something about this course, there are 2 things that come up in my mind, EXCITING and MONEY. It's exciting because we will go to Manila for 5 days and 4 nights, and this is the first time for the most of us. My parents told me not to join the FTS this year since we really don't have budget for it but I'm really interested and will do everything just to join the FTS this year. And since, we found a way for me to be able to join, I enrolled to this subject. For the first week of this school year 2014-2015, I'm doubting if we could really suffice the requirements in enrolling this course, especially when it comes to money. Honestly, I'm having second thoughts if I will continue this or I'll just drop it.

Last June 9, 2014 was our first meeting for this school year. At first, you can see the excitement for the most of the students enrolled to this subject. But when the meeting goes on and our President tackled about the expenses, specifically the deadline for the first payment, some of us are doubting if we could really provide that amount of money on or before the deadline since there are only 2 weeks before June 27. Among the enrolled students, it's like I'm the most 'heavy-headed' since June 27 is very near for me. But still, I have these hope and faith that we can make ways for me to be able to pay that amount of money.

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