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Monday, June 30, 2014

My favorite 'Idiot' among the 3 Idiots

For the past years, I already heard about the Indian movie "3 idiots". I heard numerous good feedback about this movie, that is why it made me curious about it. I want to watch it then, but as the time goes by, I forgot to watch it. For the past semesters, I have been busy in school but still manage to watch other movies. But this semester, we are told to watch this movie "3 idiots" and make a reflection of it. At first, I find it boring since I do not usually watch Indian movies because most of the movies or series I am watching are Korean, Japanese, Thai or American. But despite of this, I am a very big fan of inspirational movies. Whenever I watched of a very touching movie or an inspirational movie, I always moved or touched by it. After I watched, I find it hard for me to move on, wherein like I am thinking of it for the rest of the day or even for few days. I am relating myself to the movie like I am part of it, or what if I am in that situation. For the first minutes of the movie, curiosity strikes me. Why is that this movie is having good feedback? I think of the reason that maybe the real story will start in the middle or that it is just in the beginning that is boring. As the movie goes on, my interest starts to show when one of the characters make the use of physics and engineering to give a lesson when a guy starts to urinate his room's door.

Among those three main characters, I would choose the scientist :) I would choose Chhote or Phunsukh Wangdu who impersonates Ranchodas "Rancho" Shyamaldas Chanchad. I like his role since he is very a nice guy. He is someone which I want myself to become. I admire his character because he showed many good attitudes of him that will definitely teach the viewers lessons that we could apply in our lives. Let me share some of the most popular, my most favorite acquired lessons and well quoted lines from the movie which attract me most and inspire me.

"That day I understood that this heart scares easily. You have to trick it, however big the problem is. Tell your heart, 'Pal, all is well. All is well."

A line from one of the '3 idiots', Rancho. Telling his two roommate/friends a way back very short story of his life. Implying that whatever your problem is, how small or big it is, do not put too much pressure thinking about it for all is well. All is well, same as what Rancho believes, these three words is what I am always telling to myself whenever I have a problem. For example, just recently, we had faced a big family problem. But, instead worrying about it too much, all I think is just all things will going to be alright, that all is well. Because I believed that all things happen for a reason. Saying and believing to these words may not resolve the problem, but as what Rancho said, you gain courage to face it, which is really trueAll things happen for a reason, it may be either a blessing or a lesson. So, whatever life gives you, cheer up! For God will never let you behind. Just trust Him for all is well :)

"Make your passion your profession, and work will become a game"

This is one of Rancho's lines in the movie and I completely agree with it. Once you are doing something that you really love and what you are doing is really your passion, you will be really happy doing it. If it isn't, it might be not as much as happier you will become once you are doing what your heart wants you to do. It feels good when you are happy on what you are doing. Because for me, if you love what you are doing, the work will just an easy part for you. Wherein you will not get so much pressured for you are happy doing it. 

"Learning is not memorizing the exact words from the book. Learning is understanding it and being able to explain it in your own words."

This learning which we could get in the movie is really a lesson to us, most especially to students. The thing about learning is not just how well you do in your exams but what we really learned about what it had taught us. Do we really get the point of it or we just memorized it for the sake of grades? Learning is understanding what something or someone had taught us, and to have a proof that you really acquired learning out of it is the way in which you could express your learning in your own words.

I am really touched to this movie. This movie showed us the different lives of each of the main casts. I really admired the personality, the character, the mind and the attitude of Rancho. He is someone that I want to become. I like his passion in acquiring learning. His positive vision towards life, giving free advises to the people that surround him which need motivation. How down to earth he is when most of the people admired him and applauded him for having a very intellectual mind. His own perception on how life must be fair. A man with one word, when he keeps his promise to the family of real Rancho about their secret, him impersonating as prime minister's son in order for the real Rancho to be a degree holder. He never told anyone. How grateful he is when he give in his own happiness, which is Pia, the love of his life. When he said that he could not marry her because of the agreement he had with the Prime Minister, that he is not the real Rancho. Another thing that everyone will surely love him is that, he is really a great friend. A friend that should really be treasured. He is such one of the best person in the world you could ever have. A man what most of us want to become. Aalizz Well!

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