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Friday, February 7, 2014

Case 6

Non-enrolment of students due to late uploading of students’ grades by the teachers caused by several factors including computer literacy of senior teachers;

As what in the given case have said that what should be highlighted is that one of the important things for a student must have for him to enrol in subjects for the following semester is his grades. Without grades, how can a student of a particular school or in XYZ University be able to enrol herself or his self to a specific course in the said school? Grade really matters during enrolment process because it is the highlight or one of the most important keys for a student to be able to admit herself or his self to a particular school or course. Late uploading of student’s grades really affects the enrolment process of a specific student. Because late uploading of a student’s grades will most likely the cause of delays during enrolment period since the grade is the key in order for the teachers to know if the certain student can be able to or has the right to enrol his self or herself to the particular course she or he wants to enrol. In the given scenario, there were some students who were not able to enrol their selves to the course(s) they want to enrol to due to some factors. One of these factors is the computer literacy of senior teachers.

Most of the commonly used gadgets or technologies nowadays were user-friendly. It means that these gadgets or technologies were easy to use or easy to understand, it means that it is easy to learn to. These were simple and accessible. Having this type of interface, the senior teachers of XYZ University can be able to use the application that they will be using to upload the grades of their students which is the Academic Information System (AIS) with ease. Having a user-friendly interface for senior students of XYZ University can help them to upload the grades of their students on time or before the deadline of submitting their students’ grades and can also help them not to have a headache in learning how to use the system. But before anything else, how can the senior teachers of the said University can be able to manage or used the said system if they cannot be able or does not know how to use a computer first? Learning to use the computer or computer literacy of the senior teachers of XYZ University must be the first issue of their program which needs to be solved. The key point of this problem is that the University should be able to guide the senior teachers of their school on how to use a computer. This solution can be performed by the means of conducting or managing a program or a tutorial for the senior teachers on how to operate the computer. The basic knowledge on using the computer and the system would do because in the first place this were all that matters in uploading the students’ grades of the senior student of XYZ University via the Academic Information System (AIS). By assisting the needs of the senior teachers of XYZ University in learning on how to use a computer should be able to have good or computer literate educators having the attitude or the capability in teaching a senior individual. After conducting a tutorial for the senior teachers of the university, I would suggest to give them a guide or a manual on both, how to use the computer, its basic fundamentals and as well as the guide on how to use the Academic Information System (AIS). With this, if in case one of the senior teachers will forget or forget something or steps on how to use either the system or the technology, he or she can be able to recall or have the guide which can assist him or her given the fact that there were seniors and may have the difficulty in memorizing steps, instructions or procedures. If I were given the opportunity to be the project manager of the said program, these were the quick solutions that I might apply to solve the issues of the given case. These are having the user-friendly interface for the Academic Information System (AIS) which afterwards giving the senior teachers the manual on how to use the system as well as the computer and the computer literacy program or a tutorial for the senior teachers of the university. 

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