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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Project Management Case # 2


Questions: (at least 1000 words per question)

1. How could they manage the project?

Managing and executing a project is not easy. It must follow rules to attain goal(s) of it. According to the Project Management Book Of Knowledge Book (PMBOK), 5th edition, here are these processes of the project life cycle which must be considered and follow to produce to a result of the target outcome. Initiation, planning, executing and closure, these are the phases in managing a project what I’m talking to.  Initiation, this is the first phase of the project management life cycle, as it requires commencing a new project. Starting a project must set up the project’s scope, objectives and the deliverables to be produced. Create a project team, set up the members wherein their skills should fit in or suited well for the project team. Making sure that they are good enough in the field they were assigned or where they will be assigned, where there expertise is aligned. Next phase of the project management life cycle is, planning. In order to manage the project well, the project team of the NoName Company should plan about the project after initiating it. The team should create a set of plans (project plan) to help them guide through the execution of the project, and this project plan should be discussed within the group. Planning will help them manage their time, issues of the project, the quality of it, the risk attached to it and of course, the changes along the way. This phase will also help the project manager to manage his or her staff well. This phase is often called as the most challenging phase for a project manager, where the project manager needs to make an educated guess of the staff, resources needed to finalize the project. Passing through this process will create a blueprint for the project team that will guide them along the making of the project. Planning phase includes the risk management plan wherein the project team should identify the risks along the project and implements a plan to reduce them. They must prepare an alternatives. Identifying also involves analyzing the problem that may occur during the process of the making of the project. They must also be prepared, as long as possible, with all the issues that they may encounter. They should have the possible solutions or an alternatives for a possible issue or problem that may come along the way. Having prepared with issues and alternatives, they can apple a solution(s) to the problem rapidly in which they can avoid delays of the project’s progress so that they can deliver the deliverables to their client on time, within the schedule or time frame given for the project with the achieved goal of it. Executing, the third phase of the project management life cycle. As on its root word, execute, means the implementation of the making of the project. In this phase, the project manager should implement a set of management processes. With these processes, it can help the project manager to save time and cost for the project. This phase will help the project manager manage time and cost, quality, change and issues about the project. Project Execution Phase, will help the project team improve their chances of delivering their project’s outcome within the schedule and within the budget. The project manager of the project team of the NoName Company should also have a proper communication with his or her project team members. He or she should have a proper and stable commitment with his or her team and vice versa. So that, in case of some changes on the project, the team is well informed with all the details of the changes of the project. And also, they can communicate well to each other and the project manger could manage them well. Together with the proper communication with the project team and the project team members, the team or the project manager should also have a stable communication with their client. Having no stable and efficient communication with the project team and the company’s client, will lead to miscommunication and may produce a chance for the project to fail and end up like a mess. Because if the client wants to change something to the project, and the project team could not understand the changes well, the outcome of the project may not be like or same with the outcome of what the client wants. In case of some changes, the project manager should record and analyze what the customer really wants. List down all the changes the client had made and the project manager should direct his or team to the some change(s) of the project plan. With this, the project team will be more organize. With these three phases of the project management life cycle: initiation, planning and executing, the project team of the NoName Company could now manage the project. This project management life cycle also has its fourth or last phase, which is the closure phase. In this phase, the project manager will formally close the project and then he or she will report the overall level of success of the report. In this last phase of the life cycle of project management involves giving the deliverables to the client, passing the documentation to the business and informing all involved of the project to its closure.

            As possible also, the team should have a video call with the client so that they can discuss every single detail for the project and analyze well what the client really wants for the project. In case of some changes, they must, as possible, demand for an exact detail or elaborate more about the changes they want to apply. If the development team did not understand something about the change or changes and not fully clarified with the details of the changes. They must ask questions to clarify something or ask the client to specify some of the details. With this, the project would or could have an outcome as expected. The development team would be more productive and could fully work on the project, because they already knew what the client really wants and have a framework of what should be done and what result of the project is expected.

2.What methodology is appropriate for this project to avoid this kind of problem?

Communication is one of the most basic functions of management in any business or organization. It is the process of passing on the thoughts, ideas, and information of one person to another. Good communication means the message of a certain client is being sent and the development team clearly understand it, in its entirely.  In a business, having a good communication with the client is so much important. They are your client, they are your boss. A project team must do what their client wants for their project. They are the captain of their project, making the ideas they want to depict on their project. Each business must value their client. A client who receives bad or poor communication from the business or service provider will most likely have a negative response to the company or business. Why? Because the service provider or the development team does not possess a clear understanding of what the client really meant to say. Good and effective communication is required to successfully run a business. Having a good commitment from the company to its client will lead to the success of a business. No matter how the business communicates with its client, make sure that there were both talking and listening going on and that the development team must take time to carefully consider what is being said to them by their client so that there will no miscommunication that will happen.  A good communication with their client may lead their project team to the expected outcome of their project.

All forms of communication are very important to a business. Written communication will help a business, record the sets of information needed for the project. As well as the communication over phone conversations, it can make to initiate a great business relationship with the client possible. The face-to-face communication could surely help a business to further discuss a project to the client, that is why this is important between the companies and their clients. A good communication could create a good customer to a business.

The NoName company should have an organize system of communicating with their client so that the flow of their communication will run smoothly as well as with the making of the project. With the forms of communication mentioned above, the company should have or as long as possible, require to have a video meeting/call or discussion with its client so that each side will understand well what they are trying to say and what they really meant to convey. Because a face-to-face communication is very much important in a business, so as to written communication. Face-to-face communication helps the both sides to clearly comprehend the really message of the thoughts and ideas. Written communication also plays an important role for a good and smooth business flow of a company or of the project team to its client because it helps them to manage the information needed for the project. This process helps a business to list down all the important data and every detail relating to the project. Just for example, the client wants to change something to the business. How could the project team possibly achieve the revise project plan of the client if they will not take note of all the changes? Are they confident enough that all with just listening, they could actually fully understand what the client really wants  to say or needs  to indicate? Jotting down of important information of a certain changes helps them to analyze, re-plan, and discuss well with the group the client what really wants to propose. With this process, the project team could actually inspect with the changes and could think of some ways that may improve processes or technique to ease their work. By just listening to the one who is talking is not enough to fully understand of what the speaker really meant to say. It must also include analyzing the information received by your brain. By analyzing and interpreting the data, the receiver or the project manager, the one who may talk to the client through media might be able to understand completely and entirely what the client really wants to convey. Phone calls or having conversations over the phone is part of creating business of the NoName Company to its client. To avoid miscommunication with the client, the listener over the phone must possess the listening process. He or she must focus on what the person on the line is actually saying. He or she must take note of what they are talking about, what is their topic all about, what is its purpose and to what or whom it is concerned. He or she must jot down the important keywords  and information needed for the changes of the project. Some clarifications must also be cleared by the development team’s side. Asking the client further questions or clarifications to elucidate the questions that needed to have an answer.

                In additional, the project team or the project manager should also involve their client in every step of the way. Involving them to the process of the making of the project by way of educating the client with the processes. In this way, they will be aware of the important things that should be consider when making changes in the project. A no knowledge client will may be demand and demand something on the project team regarding with the project without knowing and considering the risks that may produce if changes will occur. They will just make their own conclusions or some bad feedback about the performance of your team without thinking the responsibilities aligned with each step of making the project.  

                Having these such of methodologies to avoid such miscommunications will help the NoName company to be a better business process outsourcing company all over the nation or even all over the world. Maintaining such good and efficient communication with their client will help the company to keep their customers to them and could be the reason to create or make a good business with more other clients to be. Because having bad commitment or communication with your client will throw away your customers and might be the reason for your business to reach its end. Proper understanding of what the both parties really wants, and also their needs will lead to the success of any business deal.

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