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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Love Summer ( รักเธอฤดูร้อน ) 2011


Love Summer; a group of teenagers set out to fulfill the meaning of their lives. They meet by chance, become friends, and fall in love.


- Thana Aiemniyom as Jack- Tanwa Suriyajak as Josh- Jonathan Samson as Bob- Pimchanok Leuwisetpaiboon as Khai Muk- Yui Tatsumi as Yui

(From left to right: Bob, Khai Muk, Yui, Jack and Josh)

Baifern Pimchanok brought me to this film. At first, for me, it's not interesting. But when Khai Muk (Pimchanok) go along with Josh's company (Jack and Bob ) to go to Phuket, it started me to be interested. I thought Bob and Josh are somewhat friends, but when it's going to end, aish~ Bob just followed Josh to Thailand. I don't know if that phrase printed at the back of Josh's jacket that's why Bob followed Josh to Thailand. But that's what the subtitle meant for me LOL.

As the story continues, upon meeting this girl named Yui at some place on their way to Phuket; I think this movie has something to do with 'frienship', and yes it does. Upon hearing the reason of Khai Muk going to Phuket, she just want to prove her father that girls also has a potential. That's why she are heading to Phuket to join the Ms. Bikini Competition. But before that, she and her friends have their bonding at this resort of Aek, a guy they met at the road. Where Khai Muk helped him to fixed his bike, then Aek, as a return, invited them to their resort nearby. When Aek remove his helmet, Yui and Khai Muk just like seeing a superstar. It's like they have seen an angel. 555+ But for me, Josh are much handsome and Jack is much cute. LOL

Eeeeeeh ~ So cute and handsome 555+

Jack's so cool here :">

Upon seeing Yui wearing sexy swimsuit

pretty Baifern ehh ~

When Jack picked up Josh at the airport and they ran away from Bob

When Khai Muk treating Josh to his bruises caused by punches

As part of life, their friendship had been tested also by faith. For me, it's all because of Bob. His drugs and playful mind. One night, Jack and Josh acted like a naughty boys. At first, I thought it was just their nature but when their friendship got broken by Khai Muk seeing a condom fell from Josh's pocket; the day before, Bob confessed to Jack that it wasn't a candy, but a drugs. That's why the night before they acting like that they doesn't care about the things around them. Partying, drinking and going to a room to have/make some pleasure things with these people they thought are girls, but was gays.

At the end of the day, their friendship prevailed. Josh went to Ms. Bikini open to see Khai Muk and apologized to her about what happened and then that's the time when Yui kissed Josh and told him that he likes Josh. Jack, together with Bob, also went to the competition. Jack went to see Khai Muk and then they talk and be together. Holding hands while walking at the seashore. Aiiishh ~ So sweet.

Yui and Josh, Jack and Khai Muk, and of course, with Bob. They went to the full moon party. And there, they promise that "no matter where they are, they are always friends". And that's the end of the film.

And ya ~ I just so loved Jack's (voice when speaking English ❤_❤ Soooo cuuuuuuute ~

Note: Sorry, for my grammar. I just wrote this review of mine after I watched this movie. I'm not fond on telling stories in English. I'm not comfortable, but for the sake of the readers, I just wrote all the things in my mind after seeing that movie.


* I watched this movie on YouTube. Just searched the subtitle on Google ヽ(•‿•)ノ

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